User balance

To open the cash report mask go to Accounts/Cash report:

We recommend that you do a User balance X (F3) before you proceed with the daily balance, so you can check the correctness and still make adjustments in case of any mistakes.

You can conduct a user balance for a single user or for all users. Select This user only from the drop down menu. The print window opens and you can print out the user balance or view it as a screen print. After you have check your cash-in-hand you can proceed with the daily balance.

:!: In case the user balance does not correspond with your earnings you will have to look for the mistake. If there is a Difference in total between cash and goods on your user balance you should not proceed with the daily balance.

:!: If you print a detailed daily balance with the number „0“, you will get all entries of today in detail. You can look for the mistake which will also be shown as difference in total and has to be corrected.

An entry that has already been paid can only be withdrawn with a reversal if the daily balance has not been conducted yet. To do so, click Repeat (F4). You will now see all posted entries. Select the entry you want to reverse and click Reversal.

With Reverse payment method and pay again the entry will be returned to the cash register for further processing. The button Invoice will not be needed. Further information can be found here reverse_entry_of_article.

If the user balance is correct you can perform the Daily balance.

EFT-Terminal cash up

Cash registers with SIX Card Solution can conduct the end-of-shift at the Terminal (including a receipt) an the user balance simultaneously:

Cash up EFT-Terminal

Deactivate Terminal

In case a receipt was not printed, you can repeat the process in the cash register. Click Repeat (F4) and Card-Receipt (F6). Another way to repeat this process in case the cash register is already closed, is to go to Settings/Program Options/Card payment and click repeat print of receipt (F8).

Select receipt

If the end-of-shift receipt is never being printed, please check Print configuration of SIX card solution.

A new shift will be opened automatically as soon as a new card payment is being processed.

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