Cash book

PC CADDIE offers the opportunity to use an integrated cash book. This cash book contains and manages all transactions by cash, so you can check your cash balance at the end of the day.

Cash book conforming to 2016 GoBD guidelines

From 2017 onwards, all cash registers must comply with the GoBD guidelines. This also includes the fact that the status of the cash book must correspond to the actual amount of money in the cash register. PC CADDIE has already taken all cash receipts into the cash book according to the daily closing.

Some customers may not have booked the cash withdrawals (to the bank or for other expenses) by then. As a result, a very high cash book inventory has often accumulated. This was corrected once by the automatic information query at the beginning of 2017.

This opening balance could only be adjusted ONCE. All subsequent changes are only possible by making deposits or withdrawals.

From the beginning of 2017, the cash balance is printed on the daily closing.

:!: ATTENTION: If you continue to use the safe book, there may be discrepancies on the daily accounts because the safe book deposit is not made in the cash register. To stay in control you have to print and synchronize the cash book.

Working with the cash book

As soon as a cash book has been integrated, you can get there by clicking the button Paying in/out in the cash register's mask. Please post all relevant transactions concerning the cash register here. Only this ensures that your cash balance will be adjusted accordingly.

You can also open the cash book via Accounts/Cash book and add entries. But the main difference is that this option will not adjust your cash balance, so at the end of the day your cash on hand would not tally with the calculation.

You can create offset accounts/articles for the cash book. Pay attention to the status - please enter „cash book“ in this case, so this article is not used accidentally in the cash register.

:!: Using the cash book should be discussed with your accounting department, so you can create the cash book articles with matching account numbers to your financial accounting (when using the accounting export). Rarely used articles can be posted to a collective account.

:?: What is posted in the cash book?

  • Sales by the cash register's daily balance, divided into cash and card sales.
  • Any purchase receipts such as petrol receipts, birthday bouquets, …
  • Cash withdrawals for bank deposits
  • Cash withdrawals for postage etc.

:?: What should you pay attention to as the cash book user.

  • You get a better overview by creating different Offset accounts (1).
  • Please always post in the cash book using the current time, never the past, even when you want to correct past bookings; these corrections can be marked accordingly using the Note (2) field.
  • The cash book is used for cash payments and cash withdrawals.
  • Please always ensure that the VAT rate is accurate and that you leave the Receipt and Payment method (3+4) as proposed by PC CADDIE.
  • Fill-in the Debtor/Creditor field (5) with „walk-in customer (Laufkundschaft)“.
  • Please DON'T post any cancellations in the cash book. False bookings can be corrected with corresponding offset entries.
  • If a guest requires cash, which he can pay with the debit card, you can post this a a normal cash item (for example, change for customers) in the cash book and charge it as debit payment. After that, you can make the cash payment from the cash book.

Use the button Edit list (F7) if you want to correct an entry made in the Note field. You can use this for changing the offset account, the VAT code, or the note.

Use the Print cash book (F8) for printing cash book. Set the period, for example one month. If you are looking for a specific item it may be very useful to enter the relevant text.

Initialize cash book

:!: Please use the Initialize cash book only after consulting the PC CADDIE Support Team. This menu item is needed to fully re-initialize the cash book. However, this can lead to problems if changes have been made to the setting of the payment methods during the duration of the cash log since the last archiving. In this case the final balance may differ (and therefore the cash book end balances no longer match the daily balances).

Use cash book as "Vault book"

You can also use the cash book as a „vault book“. You can do this back-office by using the cash book function Accounts/Cash book without changing the cash balance of the daily closing..

:!: When used simultaneously, the entries are not on the daily closing, but the stock on the daily closing is that from the cash book, thereby creating the impression of the cash book ending balance is no longer consistent with the opening balance of the daily closing.

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