Cash register - programming fix keys

You can set-up the fixed keys using the menu entry Setup/Program Options/Cash register - article-keyboard.

You need a keyboard with fixed-key blocks in order to use this menu item. This function allows you to define which items are booked with which key in the cash register. How many lines and columns you can allocate with articles depends on the programming of your keyboard. The fixed key assignment must be set up individually per cash register area.

Select the line to be edited by simply clicking on it.

  1. The first column is a fixed setting.
  2. In the left column for articles, select the respective article via the article list button. Here you go from top to bottom. On your keyboard, this corresponds to the keys from left to right. In our case, the button for Bitter Lemon for example, is located on the keyboard on the first line, the third button from the left.
  3. A check-mark on the CS column means Color-Size combination. If this check mark is set, the color-size combinations created for the item will be displayed. If the check mark is not set, exactly the selected article will be taken from the sub-articles. If the article has no sub-articles, this has no consequences.
  4. The right article column allows you to reuse a key. In order to use the key for the second article you have to also press the Shift key (Caps Lock/Shift).
  5. Finally, enter a title and confirm with OK.

If you want to work in an account area with two or more cash numbers, and the fixed key assignment should be identical, select the following button in the line selection:

Now select the appropriate cash register numbers:

Confirm and close with OK.

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