Fast backup

You can access this function under Exit/Fast Backup.

The PCC support team must intervene at least once a year as „emergency service“ in order to recover the data after a server failure or an operator error. And it is often the case that in this situation the active backup hasn't been working for years.

This is why we suggest you make a local backup of the important data every Wednesday morning; this means that in the „worst case“ you will still have a local copy of the last week's data.

The local data backup should always represent only an addition to the „secure data backup“, and not replace it. We recommend that you also maintain a remote, safe backup (protected from fire, water, theft etc.)

Contact your IT service provider if you are not sure if your backup is properly working and double-check the process by restoring some backup data (for example, retrieve a file).

A local data backup is recommended whenever you perform major changes to PC CADDIE. Click on Exit/Fast Backup. Most of the settings are already made, and are further explained here:

  1. Backup all Main data….
  2. You should also make a full back-up for the account areas: and account areas.
  3. For a local backup choose …copy local on this computer. You also have the option to choose the backup directory.
  4. The Generation automatic ensures that you do not unnecessary waste your disk space. Theree generations have been set here, and PC CADDIE creates 3 folders: SICHER01, SICHER02 and SICHER03. The backup will be made using the folder SICHER02 in this example. PC CADDIE automatically switches between the folders, returning to the first one after SICHER03 is filled.

You can also use a separate number in order to make a manual backup (4). Just input a number bigger than the maximum in the field next. This allows you to find the most recent backup faster.

After making all settings, confirm with OK; you will see the following window:

You should see a window similar with the following one after the backup process completes:

„Better safe than sorry!“

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