With the help of the print function of room lists, overview/arrival/departure/restaurant or housekeeping lists can be created and printed. A standard layout can be used for all lists or you can compile the layout individually.

The configuration of the room lists, what is to be printed in each case, is done via the menu item Hotel and Hotel room menu item.

List configuration

The configuration of the lists is done via Hotel and Hotel room. Here is the example for the overview list:

Overview list

  1. First click on the button Overview button - this becomes active and changes colour to green.
  2. Then click on the button Options buttonbutton to define the desired contents of the lists:

  1. Please define whether you want to show arrivals and/or stays and/or departures and/or free rooms.
  2. The booking reference is shown in the column Booking or not.
  3. Only rooms with remarks are displayed.
    1. Group remarks are remarks in the large info field of the booking mask which concern the entire booking. They are displayed in blue font colour.
    2. Individual remarks are stored for the respective guest and displayed in light blue.
  4. Remarks with R: only concern the restaurant; with HK: concern the housekeeping.
  5. Please select accordingly whether the date of departure, date of departure and the number of nights already spent should also be displayed.
  6. Please select accordingly whether the guest names or the reference name (e.g. a company) should be displayed.

With OK to confirm your entries.

About Hotel Print the Overview you can now print the defined list:

  1. select your desired list.
  2. enter the desired date
  3. with earlier or later you can jump to an earlier or later date.
  4. The standard layout is always ticked.
  5. Via Print you can print.

This way you can print any list such as Arrival- or Departure- or restaurant- or Housekeeping Define the list individually and print each one.

Sample lists

  1. Here you can also select another list
  2. Important is the format type List
  3. this title will be printed over the list
  4. here you define your different fields
  5. with the help of fields add your desired automatic fields to it

The following fields have been added here:

        No. - Room - -Bu.reference - Contact - Arrival - Departure - Stay
        <Z >-<RMNO>- <STAY_STATE> -<BREF    >     -<BLREF         >- <ARRIVAL>- <DEPARTURE>-<STAY>

The list then looks like this:

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