Import club data

Germany and Switzerland

In Germany and Switzerland, the clubs' data can be directly downloaded from the internet for those clubs that are connected to the INTRANET:
Intranet selection
Select: Download club information


For Austrian clubs, select Setup/Download club data from Golf.AT.

Other countries

Bulgaria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein

As of PC CADDIE versions 2018, clubs from these countries will also be automatically loaded into your club list.
Guest player query also works for players from these clubs !!
Example club list: you can see from the national flag that Grand Ducal is a club in Luxembourg.

Italy, Georgia

You can also find clubs from these countries in your club list. A guest player query is not possible here, since there is no international interface!

Other countries

You can load club information via the menu entry Setup/Clubs+Courses/Import club addresses
However, this would require a text file.

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