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The DSFinV-K is the description of an interface for the export of data from electronic recording systems for data media transfer („Z3 access“) in the context of external audits and cash desk checks. It should ensure a uniform structuring and designation of the files and data fields regardless of the electronic recording system used by the company. The company must make the data available on a suitable data carrier in accordance with the conventions of DSFinV-K.

Further information is available on the BZSt website (in German): Digital interface of the financial administration for cash register systems (DSFinV-K)


You can find the overview in the Sales menu.

Article identification

:?:If you have general questions about the article identification, read the information from the BZSt or ask your tax advisor.

Article booking

A business transaction (GV_TYP/GV_NAME) must be defined for each booking item:

  • Account
  • Deposit
  • Deposit repayment
  • Discount
  • Surcharge
  • Grant Real
  • Grant Incorrect
  • Tip AG
  • Tip AN
  • Single-purpose voucher purchase
  • Single-purpose voucher redemption
  • Multi-purpose voucher purchase
  • Multi-purpose voucher redemption
  • Origin of claims
  • Liquidation of claims
  • Deposit cessation
  • Cancellation of down payments

Payment method

The payment type and the currency must be set for payment type articles.

The following options can be selected as payment method:

  • Cash
  • Cashless
  • No
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • El payment service provider
  • Prepaid card

MWST Article

Bookings are booked as in-house sales by default in PC CADDIE.

For a VAT article: you can specify whether the associated article should be booked as a sell-out.

Set article indicators automatically

The automatic system can be found in the overview under the menu item Article.

  1. Sets the business transaction sales for all booking articles (if none has been set yet).
  2. Sets the payment article with the search code „cash“ to the payment type Cash** (if none has been set yet).
  3. Sets the Non-cash payment type for other payment items (if none have been set yet).
  4. Sets the currency to euros for all payment items (if none have been set yet).
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