Backup via PC CADDIE

:!: The backup described here does not replace a complete server backup. It is purely a backup on a local directory (PC, server, USB or external hard drive), it is only meant as support. The entire PC CADDIE data directory must be backed up to the main server during the daily back-up. The automatic backup by PC CADDIE secures the data only in a local directory (workstation PC, server, USB or external hard disk).

Backup of the workstation installation

Every three days, you will be prompted to secure the local PC CADDIE folder on the server when you exit PC CADDIE.This means storing individual data, such as the hardware connection (control receipt printer, card reader, etc.) or even design settings (font sizes, checkout window size,…).

PC CADDIE then copies the local PC CADDIE folder in a folder from the server root directory. If necessary, this backup can be manually triggered or turned off.

PC CADDIE performs a full backup the first time you initiate this process. Starting with the second backup, PC CADDIE only updates the data that has changed since the last backup. Thus, the backup process is greatly accelerated.

Fast backup

Every Wednesday morning, PC CADDIE tells you to do a local backup; this means that in the worst case scenario, at least one of the workstations would still have the most important data, which would be a maximum of one week old.
A more detailed description can be found here.

Complete local copy

A Complete backup can also be carried out via PC CADDIE.

Backup via external programs

Please ensure that the PC CADDIE databases are not used during an external backup. PC CADDIE offers the Night blocking tool, which allows you to lock the database for a defined period of time.

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