Appointments window

The Password management allows you to set which employees should have access to this module. The Appointments window automatically starts when the employee logs-in to PC CADDIE. But you can also access it via Persons/Reminder window:

The main window offers you only the information linked to the password with which you have logged-in to PC CADDIE. You can make this information available to different users. Only the tab Appointments affects all users. The current tasks can be found under the tab Current todo. The tab Ongoing and in progress refers to all pending work.

For example, if you have an unpaid invoice, this will be seen in both Invoice and Ongoing and in progress tabs. All other tabs are self-explanatory.

Urgent information, which is accompanied by an alarm (reminder) is marked with a bell in front of the entry. A star in front of the entry is also available for unread entries:

The star disappears after you open the entry for the first time.

Entries marked with an Urgent alarm require immediate attention. These entries are displayed on the screen every 20 minutes, forcing the user to edit these entries.

Please note the processing options available at the bottom of the window. HINT: the Appointment window can be turned-off/deactivated for POS stations. Please consult the PC CADDIE support team if you want to do this.

The Options button at the bottom left of the Appointment window allows you to print the information or to make different settings:

Read more under Functions and settings

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