Print list of cards

You have this option under Setup/Card-System/Print list of cards. This function allows you to print an overview of the cards from your system .

Only numberHere you can enter the 7-digit club number, for example, 0499001 (Country code + DGV number)
Only typeFilter specific Card types based on your needs (for example, 1 for members, 2 for guests). You can also enter more card types, separated by commas.
Only textHere you can filter based on the information text.
Only accessFilter based on the cards' permission identification. More details about the permissions can be found under the Automats overview section.
Only validfilter based on the expiration date: for example, you can enter 01.01.11 (for one day) or 01.01.11-31.12.11 (for a time period).
UsageThis function filters based on the last usage date. For example, you can enter 01.01.11 (for one day) or 01.01.11-31.12.11 (for a time period).
Only valueFilter based on the monetary value that is currently on the card.
Print allocation of pointsCheck this box to print the current points value.
ActiveSelect the desired option.
OrderSelect the desired order.
Calculate card activities
If this option is selected, PC CADDIE prints an overview of the cards top-ups and charges.
Only differencesPrint only the cards with a difference between top-up and charges.
Offset on this dateHere you can set an offset to a specific date.
Article selectionSet the filter for a specific article.
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