Annual handicap review


  • The annual handicap review (AHR) is mandatory. At least the test run must be started and the print of the change proposals must be printed, to avoid daily reminders of the annual check!
  • Please start the review at the end or at the beginning of a year. Also consider that your members might still play handicap effective tournaments abroad or still want to play EDS rounds.
  • Please make sure that your PC CADDIE version is up to date before starting the review. You can see what version you have under Exit/About PC CADDIE and, if necessary, you can download the current version via Exit/Update PC CADDIE.
  • In Switzerland it is mandatory to carry out the AHR before ordering the cards. The AHR can be performed from mid November!

The procedures for the Annual Handicap Review (AHR) can be started via Handicaps/Annual handicap review.

  1. First of all, start the review process (if the test run was already passed on to the handicap committee, you should not repeat it on a later date, since other results may already be determined - depending on master data changes since the last test run). This can be repeated as often as you like. The review does not change any handicaps, it only provides a review list.
  2. Print the Review list
  3. After printing the report, you will no longer be reminded of the „Annual handicap review“!
  4. Make a fast backup beforehand, better safe than sorry (Exit/Fast Backup).
  5. The „Accept adjustments“ to the master data sheets takes place after further editing. Only players with the need for adjustment will get an entry in the master data sheet.
  6. Start the process of: Updating all members after accepting the changes
  7. Print out the newsletter for all the members for which an adjustment of the handicap was made. The layout is already provided with the PC CADDIE version 2016a. With this layout, the text will be automatically printed according to the type of adjustment. The layout for this letter can also be loaded, if necessary: Load layout
  8. Click „Edit“ if you want to personalize the layout, for example, by adding a salutation at the end of the letter or changing the address format. The text containing commands, in angle brackets, should not be edited.


The review can be run at any time.

Inter-yearly checking

You will receive the following note if you are running the check during the year:

Repeat checking

If you have made a test run, and repeat it starting from the next day without having made a updates, you will receive the following important note. The calculation is then redone, and may yield different results. This is particularly important to remember when using, for example, the game handicap committee approved two weeks before. Then you should just make the update, and click on CANCEL!

Example of a review list

This is an example protocol for a DGV club installation, but it also applies to ASG Golf Clubs.


You can find out more under rules4you.

Following notes (to be added if necessary)

  • Switzerland: There is still CBA; a result with CBA RO (reduction only) is not included according to regulations.
  • Switzerland: a CBA value not equal to 0 is included in the evaluation of the result.
  • Not handicap effective results are not included, conforming to the regulations.
  • The round displayed in the protocol shows the number of rounds that have been included in the calculation.
  • Manually entered results are only included if the fields Slope and CR are also filled!
  • The HCP which was current at the time of the AHR 12 months ago is used as the „Start of the year HCP“.
  • All results of the last 12 months are used (calendrical, at the time of testing).
  • If there are less than 8 results in the last 12 months, older results will be used to up to a maximum of the last 24 months before the check date. In this case, the „Start of the year HCP“ is the handicap which was current at the time of the 1st calculated result.
  • If the player started with other (wrong) HCP, the result will be included in the AHR calculation with the original starting handicap (this may affect external results).
  • Tournament abort (TA) is not included in the calculation of the AHR

Adoption of the adjustments

As soon as you click on Apply the adjustments, you get once more an overview of the suggested changes.

  • You can use Cancel to close the window without applying the changes.
  • You can edit the proposed changes.

Select the player and click Edit. You then have the option of changing the amount of the adjustment within the scope of the permitted options, or you can not select a to make no changes in the master sheet.

The adjustments are transferred to the master sheets only after you confirm with OK.


Handicaps +1 and better

According to the handicap and game regulations, these players are only checked by the Golf Association. If STV changes are then to be entered in the master data sheet as a consequence of the AHR, then they are made directly with a manual editing (in accordance with EGA specification Z3.15) in the master sheet of the players:

Layout for AHR adjustments letter

The layout for the circulars is automatically stored. If you accidentally delete the layout, you can reload it.

Reload the layout for the automatic newsletter by clicking Edit.

Click File.

Continue with Load.

This opens the PC CADDIE folder TEXTE. Here you can see the file AHR adjustments letter (AHR Anpassungs-Schreiben). Select it and click Open.

The layout is loaded and you can now save it under a suitable name. Of course, you can now also make individual adjustments (for example, the greeting or the address format).

Please do not change the commands in the text of the letter.

Inter-yearly checking of individual players

You have the following options directly int the master sheet:
Read more here.

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