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welcome to our PC CADDIE online documentation. We are very pleased that we are able to provide you with all the information online from now on. Below you will find some details about the use of the manual.

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General information

The navigation is basically structured the same way as the program PC CADDIE. So when looking for the topic „person list“ you will find it in PC CADDIE as well as in the PC CADDIE documentation under Persons/Person list. A plus (+) in front of a topic indicates further sub topics.


Most topics have a table of contents where you can select the individual topic.

To jump back to the beginning of a topic, please use the Home- or Pos1 key on the top right of your keyboard.

Search function

Use the search function, enter keywords, confirm with Return and search selectively.

TIPP You can use an asterisk „*“ to receive additional search results. So when entering a keyword such as ball dispenser* you will get results for ball dispenser as well as for ball dispensers. So if you only enter the word dispenser (without the asterisk) you will not get any hits for a page that only uses the plural version dispensers.

If you also want to get search results for the word ball-dispenser you will have to enter the following in the search field: ball dispenser* or ball-dispenser*.

The asterisk can also be used in front of a word: *dispenser* will find ball-dispenser, coffee-dispenser, dispensers or simply dispenser.

An extensive description for the search possibilities can be found on the sites of DokuWiki in German and even more detailed and up to date in Englisch.

If you want to search for a specific word on a current page you can do so (depending on the browser) by using the key combination ctrl+F.

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