Automats control window

You can get a status overview of a PC Online-System's automats under Setup/Card-System/Show reader activity.

Automats' overview

All the active automats are shown on the top-half of the window. The latest cards' usage can be seen in the bottom part of the window.

SymbolStatus explanation
Red symbol means the machine is OFFLINE and the communication between PC CADDIE and the card reader is interrupted. If the status is „server inactive“ you should check if the PC card server is online. Please contact our Support team if you have doubts.
In this case everything is ok, and the machine is online.

Remote release

You have the possibility to remotely release predefined automats/doors. So you can, for example, ensure that a door/rolling door is permanently open, or that it is always opened at the same hours. The respective door opener / contacts should be suitable for such scenarios.

Online card system

Open the remote control window by double-clicking the desired automat or by clicking the Configure (F6) button.

Remote control

  1. You have the possibility to remotely open or close a door, for example. If desired, opening a door can be password protected.
  2. „Neutral“ turns off the remote control and brings the automat back to its default state.
  3. You can set the date and time when the remote control should be disabled.
  4. Alternatively, you can enter the duration from the time of activation (in seconds).

Daily opening time

You can enter here the door's daily opening time (for example, during the Secretariat working hours).

:!: Please make sure that the door release remains connected to an energy source for the entire opening time.

Offline card systems with radio connections

The Offline radio connection also allows the remote triggering of an automatic system. Double-click on the automat in the automats control window at the online system to open the corresponding dialog.

However, triggering an automat using the radio connection is an immediate, one-time action.

Daily opening time can also be configured for offline automats; please contact the PC CADDIE-Support for more details.

Offline card systems

The remote control of real offline systems is, of course, not possible.

Daily opening time can also be configured for offline systems; please contact the PC CADDIE-Support for more details.

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