User List

You can see the user list under the Setup/User-List menu, or calling the macro „user“ under Setup/Macros.

This list shows all the networked computers using PC CADDIE.

  1. The first column, Name, contains the name of all the users registered in pcc (the name registered in the password management system).
  2. The second column, PC, shows the name of the computer in the network. This name is set in „System property“ in Windows (for example, Server, Check-out,Secretariat).
  3. The third column, Activity, shows who was the last user of this computer.
  4. Open Files shows which PC CADDIE databases are opened and used. You can use this column to check if all the workstations are using the same version of PC CADDIE. This is particularly important; for example, if you make an update you can quickly check if all the workstations have downloaded the correct version. In this example both stations are using the same version, otherwise a date will be displayed before the database.

The PC CADDIE Support Team can run various macros, lock workstations, or revoke locks using the function keys.

HINT: Please consult the PC CADDIE Support Team before you make any changes.

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