Read disk

In addition to printing the individual Payment slips, PC CADDIE offers the possibility of directly reading the received payments in a single operation. The following requirements must be satisfied:

  • They have a corresponding account with the bank or the post office;
  • The contractor provides the incoming payment files in camt.054 or .V11 format;
  • PC CADDIE supports the payment method for booking these payments.

The procedure should be as follows:

  • Download the provided file to the appropriate folder
    HINT: Create a folder called „VESR“ in the PC CADDIE main directory; you can save the file here, with the corresponding date in the name.
  • :!: Never change the file extension.

You can find the payment menu under Accounts/Read disk.

Select the file to be read (1) and the corresponding product number (2), with which the payment should be booked. Define, if necessary, the date (3) the date of the last reading.

:!: PC CADDIE does not read the same payment twice. If an account has already been balanced and a payment is to be transfer again, you will receive an appropriate message.

Check the Families together box if the invoices were originally sent in this way.

:!: The payments' allocation is based on the coding number of the payment slips. Inform your members and guests that you use this slip for payment - otherwise you may have unnecessary cross-connections in the accounts. These are not really a problem, but you will have to correct them later.

Print an overview of the file, just for checking the results (4).

:!: Make sure that this check list is an overview of the entire file. If you have payments from multiple accounts areas into a single file, and one payment that does not correspond to any of the bookings, PC CADDIE will inform you about this problem. Repeat the process for other account areas; PC CADDIE now reports the deviation of the payment from the first account area.

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