Article list

You can find the complete list of articles in PCC via Articles/Print…/List of articles (or Setup/Fees/Print/Print List/Article List) with these various options:

  1. Various Layouts for your lists
  2. Define the Order to sort the listed articles
  3. Select specific article groups with the button Select
  4. List of articles referring to the minimum stock level
  5. With or without Colour/Size combination
  6. Different filters for active, inactive and payment methods possible; regard inventory management
  7. Consideration of Inventory
  8. Integration of negative inventory
  9. Print list with another key date

  1. Selection of a particular supplier with the help of the list function button
  2. Selection of a specific identifier of an article
  3. Enter a specific article number
  4. Definition of data areas, for example, creation of an new item or last change/last purchase/last sale/last inventory
  5. Display of articles only with colors / size combinations with inventory
  6. The FA number is printed in the supplier column
  7. The serial numbers are also printed

We will now describe the different kind of Layouts.

Complete article list

The complete article list will look like this when using the default setting:

  1. Article no. incl. colour/size combinations
  2. Short name of article groups
  3. Article name
  4. V.A.T.
  5. Purchase price net
  6. Sales price gross
  7. Margin in percentage
  8. Minimum stock level
  9. Current stock
  10. Abbr.
  11. Supplier

Stocktaking list (manual)

This will list all bar codes of the articles in addition.

Totals of article groups only

This list only contains the totals of the article groups.

All articles with purchase and sale

This list provides comparable figures between purchase and sale considering a specific time period.

Article groups with purchase and sale

This list is similar to the list „All articles with purchase and sale“ but will only show the totals of the article groups.

Small articles with bar codes

This list is mainly needed for accessories.

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