Article list

You will find in PC CADDIE under Articles/Print…/Article list (or Settings/Post types/Posts/Print list/Labels…/Post list) the complete article list with various options:

  1. Different layouts of the lists
  2. sequence Define order
  3. Selection of specific product groups with button Choice
  4. List of articles including the minimum stock
  5. With or without colour/size combinations
  6. Various filters with active, inactive items and payment methods possible; take stock management into account
  7. Consideration of the stocks
  8. Integration of negative stocks
  9. Printing of lists on a different key date

Via the second TAB Special filters you have the following options:

  1. Selection of a specific supplier using the list function button
  2. Option to select a specific article identifier
  3. Filtering by evaluation groups, if you have assigned any to the articles
  4. Entry of a specific article number
  5. Definition of data areas such as new creation of an article or last change or last purchase or last sale or last inventory
  6. Display of articles only with colour/size combinations with stock
  7. The fibre number is printed in the supplier column
  8. the serial numbers are also printed
  9. also print the components of the articles
  10. Further details on the supplier stored for the item
  11. Print article automatics

In the following the different layouts are described below.

Complete article list

The complete article list looks as follows in the standard setting.

  1. Article no. including colour/size combinations
  2. Short labelling of the product groups
  3. Article description
  4. Value added tax
  5. Net purchase price
  6. Gross sales price
  7. Margin in per cent
  8. Minimum stock
  9. Current stock
  10. Identifier
  11. supplier

Inventory list (manual)

The barcodes of all items are also listed here.

Only totals of the product groups

The list only contains the totals of the product group stocks.

All items with purchase and sales

This article list provides you with comparative figures between purchasing and sales, taking into account a specific time period.

Product groups with purchasing and sales

This list is very similar to the „All items with purchase and sales“ list, but only the totals of the product groups are shown here.

Small items list with barcodes

This list is mainly required for accessories.

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