Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - quotations, orders, distribution, invoicing

The ERP is cross-module. You can use it for:

  1. Quotations from the event module
  2. general offers
  3. contracts
  4. and much more.


A document from the ERP is made up of several modules.

  1. Cover letter (first page)
  2. Table pages

The cover letter is always a finished document created in the graphics editor (PGE)

One or more table pages can be created in conjunction with a PGE, e.g. the logo of the following pages is created in the PGE. Or the sheet only has the tables.

The tables are created directly in the ERP with texts & articles.

Only the interaction of all these components creates a document.


You use the articles already set up in the ERP. As these should be meaningful on a quotation, a description description must be stored.

Here is an example of the article

As the offers for events are created in the previous year, prices may vary. To avoid having to create every item twice, you can use price levels can be used.


The module can be opened or edited via the ERP menu item.

Each individual menu item is linked to the description here.

  1. Product group of the articles
  2. Time period
  3. From - To
  4. Probably
  5. Person - filter selection
  6. Change date
  7. Article Status
  8. Z→A - Change of order
  9. Plus/Minus
  10. Customer selection
  11. Documents
  12. Cumulated number of documents
  13. NEU - Create new document
  14. Edit - Edit the document
  15. Delete - Delete the document
  16. Anischt
  17. Sum - Sum of the articles in the documents
  18. Plus / List
  19. Refresh - Refresh/load
  20. Info
  21. Copy
  22. Article CRM
  23. print
  24. Status
  25. Article


This is where the decision is made as to whether it will be a document, template or evaluation.

Depending on the selection, the documents (left) or templates (right) are displayed.

The totals of the articles used in the documents

Use the button: Article to set the status

Creation of document types

You can add further document types at the bottom right under Settings, under the tab: Document types.

Quotation, order & price list are predefined.

+ Add


The respective status can be changed/updated in the document

Cover letter or first page

As a rule, the first letterhead is set up on behalf of Pc Caddie Support. This template can be copied as required and then edited.

Open the Graphic Editor (Settings/Graphic Editor)

Open the folder. Select the template (1) and use Ctrl c - Ctrl v - to paste the copy and rename it (2)

To change the name in the graphics editor menu, open the editor (1) and enter the name you have renamed the copy.

The logo, the address, the salutation and possibly the footer must be created in the PGE. If you have already included it in the template, please just check it. Otherwise, insert a new one according to the instructions in the graphics editor.

For the ERP you also need the following commands:


Use the S to create the desired field. On the right, you can set the position (1), insert the command under Text and adjust the style (2) and colours (3).


Please also enter this command with the S field (not T!) and make the position (1) as shown. This is the field that the ERP needs for the articles etc.

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