Form letters with WORD

To create a form letter go to Persons/Form Letter. The function Persons/Export Addresses will also lead you to the mask for form letters:


Before creating a form letter it is necessary to define a group of persons and the order.

;-) All members of your golf club receive a letter with best wishes for the New Year.

  • For this example select „all members“ as the group of persons.
  • By confirming with the button Output the person data will be saved to the form letter file that was set in Layout.
  • Before creating the form letter you should make sure that you set have set the document in Layout to be a „*.doc“-file. The directory is set as default by PC CADDIE.

Creating a form letter

Now click the button Form letter:

In this window you can see already used form letters. To create a new form letter please click Create new serial letter with template (F9). This allows you to get any Word document from any directory from your computer and save it as a template.

Activate the desired template and enter a Subject* for your form letter. In our example we use the template „PC CADDIE empty club letter“ and enter a subject such as „Happy New Year“. To edit an existing template simply click Edit template (F7). The button Open template folder (F6) opens the template folder. A new template can be imported with F9 and F5 lets you refresh the list. Finally confirm with OK. Microsoft Word will open automatically.

The PC CADDIE form letter manager will appear next to the document:

Position your cursor at a specific point and with the help of PC CADDIE you can then insert either Address fields, the date, a subject, a salutation or a misc. field to your form letter.

The button Merge to new document will join the data and you will get a preview of your form letter. The merge field <Address1> will then use the address of the person that was entered under the 1st address in the person's mask. Of course you can change the text and format of the template in these Word documents. Click Save and exit template to save your changes to the template.

:!: All templates will be saved by PC CADDIE in the folder „Template“. The form letters can be found in the folder „Mailmerge“.

Have all changes been made you can copy the form letter into a new document using the button Merge to new document. You will then see all letters at once (that is for the selected group of persons and the chosen order). The letter can then be printed out from this document.

;-) At this point it would be wise to print a test page of one letter to check if the document fits onto your letter paper and if the address field fits into the address window.

If you see no need to check all the letters again you can start the print directly using the button Send Mail Merge to printer. In case you have only changed the template but do not want to make any other actions you can exit the template via Save and exit template. You will get back to the selection window for form letters - now containing the form letter with the subject „Happy New Year“ which you have just created:

Export addresses

Click the button Address file to export addresses:

You have the option to either export addresses to Word or Excel, especially the export file to Excel is recommendable in case you want to print them out or use them in any other way. Please remember that it will be an HTML file and you will have to save it as an Excel file. You can also copy the file into any desired target or open an empty letter.

Annotation of form letters

If you are working with the CRM\DMS module you can record the form letter in each person mask. The button Note makes it possible:

At the top of the image you can see the current data that is being suggested for annotation.

Define the category where the letter should be recorded, the text of the annotation and finally add the document. The button Verify export list (F7) will show you the people for which this annotation will be created.

After you have made all entries you can launch the annotation process using the button Note:

Confirm this dialogue again with OK, start annotation.

In each person mask of the relevant group of persons PC CADDIE will record the following annotation:

Create a single letter using a template

To create a single letter with a template, select a person and then click the button Export in the person mask:

Activate the option „Automatically create letter“ and select a template for the letter. This dialogue is set up the same way as the dialogue for form letters. Have you made all changes, click OK. Then Microsoft Word opens - the merge fields in our template are already filled correctly for „Paul Member“. You can now proceed as usual with the Word document. After closing Word the following window with the attached file will appear:

Make all necessary entries according to your wishes and exit the window with OK (F12). The document has now been saved to the person mask of „Paul Member“.

Use clipboard

The button Clipboard allows you to quickly copy contact data into another document. The name, telephone and e-mail address, as well as the function are copied. An example: Call the person whose data you need, and click on the button Export.

Click on the contact person and then on OK.

Now click on the button Clipboard. Thus, the data is stored in memory and can be copied to another document.

Open your document (mail, letter, person sheet or other) and insert the data using CTRL + V.

Storage locations for different documents

In PC CADDIE documents are saved in different folders. In the folder „Attached“ you can find all single letters. The folder „Mailmerge“ contains all form letters and the folder „Template“ is being used for templates.

Restrict the templates to specific users

Some templates should not be visible to all employees, for example the ones regarding human resources.

1. Get a new template

2. Select the template

- What would you like to call the template? - Here you can rename it.

- Assign to this category - Select a category from CRM that is automatically assigned to the letter.

- Save this template privately for the user - As soon as the check mark is set here, this template will only be visible to the registered person, yourself.

Form letter examples

Boxes and key numbers


  • The letters must be revised manually for persons, who have several box numbers in an additional field, since in this case the key numbers cannot be clearly assigned to the different boxes for a letter!
  • A special parameter is needed for the export of the key numbers, which you can request from The parameter is not generally included in the update, because this would slow down the process. It should therefore be deactivated after creating a letter with key numbers!
  • Only with the special parameter are the Fields for the key numbers available as part of Other fields.

The boxes are organized in the Info field 2.

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