Cash register - quick selection

The quick selection may only be created for cash accounts areas. To do so, select in advance SALES, PROSHOP or GASTRO, for example. The quick selection cannot be configured for contribution accounts (for example, CLUB).

Configuring quick selection

You can access the quick selection via Setup/Program Options/Cash register - quick selection. You will also be able to access the quick selection on the cash register via the magic wand icon (which you can find on the top-right of the window) as soon as you make the appropriate settings.

Here you have the option of configuring particularly fast actions on the cash register.

Click on Configure quick selection buttons (F7). The following window opens:

Click on New line (F9) to define a new line. Enter a new title for the selection row. You can also select a color for better visualization. It is recommended to choose subtle colors, so that the font is still legible. Click on New article (F9) to choose the desired item from the articles' list.

:!: Please note that in the end you will need to edit articles with color-size combinations. Select an item and click on Edit (F7).

Check the box Color-size selection; this allows you to later select sub-items at the cash register .

Now you can define in which list the article should be displayed - there are 4 lists to choose from, which gives you a greater overview. You can, for example, create a list of green fees, a second one with pro-shop items and a third one can be used for snacks from the Bistro, which are sold at the reception counter. Of course, it is also possible to place an article in more than one list - you just need to thick multiple check-boxes.

Distribute the articles in the defined rows. It is possible, for example, to define an article both as rentals and as green fee. This simplifies the work at the cash register.

The Higher (1) and Lower (2) arrows are very practical. They allow you to reposition an article in the selection list. In order to do this you have to select an article by clicking on it and then press one of the Higher or Lower arrows.

:!: You can also enter names for your lists (3). You can use letters (A;B;C;D) or more meaningful names like Green fee, Bistro, Hotel, Shop. Now you are ready to open the cash register.

Active application at the cash register

You will be able to access the defined lists (1) from the cash register. You can easily make any changes, if needed, via the function selection, which can be accessed using the Magic wand (2) icon. Please click on the Cash register setup and then on Edit quick selection (F2).

Click on Customer (F9) to select a customer. The Cursor automatically moves in the article selection. Select an article and PC CADDIE will open the quick selection. The lines are displayed on the left, the corresponding articles on the right the corresponding article. Active lines are surrounded by a blue border.

You can use the arrow keys Up and Down from your keyboard to navigate from Green fee to Buffet funds. Using the Right and Left buttons you can move the the article selection, where you can also switch between the articles using your keyboard. Articles preceded by an arrow in a square can be directly booked. Articles preceded by an arrow in a circle have sub-articles which you can also select. Press Enter after choosing the right main items; this opens the article selection.

Search for the right article using the arrow keys on your keyboard and press Enter. Every task in the cash register can be edited via the keyboard, the mouse is no longer needed.

Up arrowThe cursor moves up
Down arrowThe cursor moves down
Right arrowThe cursor moves to the right
Left arrowThe cursor moves to the left
Book Enter
F11 Receipt
F12 Payment
F1 Search article
F9 Search new customer
Finished Enter

:!: The button Cancel automatic filter (F7) can be used, for example, when an Automatic assignment must be entered in the cash register. Then only guest articles will be displayed for guests, and only member articles for members. For example, if a member and a guest come and ask for a cart, you will probably give the guest the more favorable member offer.

Copy the quick selection to another cash register

The following window opens if you select Setup/Program Options/Cash register - quick selection from the main menu:

Click on Copy this setup to other cash stations; the following window opens:

Here you have the following options: (1) make a general configuration for all the cash registers, or (2) send a copy to the selected cash register, or (3) select a new cash register.

Confirm your selection with OK.

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