Course management


The event module is identical to the course module, with only one small exception.

The course module can be opened via the menu item Timetable:

Select the menu item Edit training classes to open the overview window for the courses; here you can create, edit or delete classes:

Admission depending on event participants / timetable resource

You can find the instructions here: Event management

Creating a new training session

Basic settings

First click on the button labeled NEW. Most entries are similar to the tournament management, with which you are probably familiar. The following is a brief description for clarification purposes:

1. Set for this date - Important: enter here the date for the new event, which will be used by pcc for checking the resources.

2. Edit template - The template can be edited or deleted.

3. Create (new) class - A completely empty class/event is opened.

4. From the currently selected - The settings of the marked class/event are adopted. All templates are listed below.

5. Also copy resources - Checkmark this and the resources will also be copied.

Class interface


The identifier is automatically assigned and incremented as necessary by the PC CADDIE.


Enter the name of the new course. For example, a Schnuppercourse or a Platzreife course

Public name:

In this field, you will have the opportunity to enter a course name for your online display which may differ from the assigned course name. For example, if you entered „Schnupperkurs“ as the name, you will notice that this course will be displayed on the website only as „Schnupperkurs“.


Now, you can provide additional information aside from just the name. If it was to be a training course, the nature of the course could be entered in the space provided. - Short Game - Long Game - Special

For your convenience, this information will be available online as well.


Here, you can enter the date when the course is taking place. If it is a course that is only taking place once, enter the same date into both fields. However, a course can also take place over several different days. If so, then the dates of the first and last day of the course must be entered here.


The start and end times of the course.


In contrast to the tournament, there is a new selection window for the categories. Here, categories can be selected, created, edited and deleted. If there are categories such as PC CADDIE://online that are not visible here, they can be accessed and imported by clicking the button From Online.

Clicking on the button New will give you the following window, in which you can enter a new category:

(1) Identifier of the category: Enter an identifier for the category.

:!: If you also want to use this category online, this identifier must consist of just one letter. When fetching PC CADDIE://online categories, existing categories with the same abbreviation will be overwritten.

(2) Description: Complete this section with the name of the category.

(3) Please select whether this category should be available online.

When entering a shorthand which is already assigned, you will receive the following error message:


Assign a color here to identify the various courses.


If this is checked, this class/event will be saved as a template. More examples are available here.


(1) In the upper part of the screen, you can enter the details concerning the number of participants for members and guests. Enter the maximum number of Internet applications, and if desired, the number of waiting list slots. This information is handled the same way as the tournament settings.

(2) Host: Enter here (if needed) a corresponding short hand or use the the list selection button to select one person.

(3) Location: Insert the location of the course—driving range, putting green etc.

(4) Price information: Here, you can enter a price range for members and guests.

Persons group


Here, you can select the genders of members and guests.

Age class

Select here — if necessary — the appropriate age group.


use the Other age groups field to enter corresponding information.


Here, you have the opportunity to place various restrictions on guests in order to preselect them for online registration:

When you select an option that requires a number to be entered, the corresponding Club number will be required in the next field. However, you can also select the club by using the list selection button:

Required additional information

Here you can refine the application process for a group of people.

Using the Additional information in the person mask, you can assign an ID to individual persons and authorize them here for logging in accordingly.
Use the comma separator if more than one additional information is allowed for registration (means: either..,or…).

If 2 additional information must apply at the same time for the registration, separate them with semicolon (means that both additional information must apply to the person)

:!: This is very useful if, for example, you offer a follow-up course to an introductory course and you only want to the participants of the beginners' course to be able to apply. In this case, assign some additional information, like „EIN2015,“ and enter this for each participant. In the follow-up course, you can now enter the Required Additional Information “EIN2015”, so only people with this additional information can sign up for the follow-up course.

Defining HCP limits

The HCP limits can be set with the Define HCP Limits button:


You can specify the time period for online registration:

Registration period

Enter the first and late dates when applications will be accepted.


If there is different registration deadline for guests, then this must be indicated here.

Extended on-site registration (optional)

If you want to stop online applications, but you still want to allow on-site or phone registration after the online deadline, you can enter this here.

Special authorization

By assigning a PIN, you can enable a special application process for members or guests. You can disclose that PIN to a select number of people and this PIN will allow them, for a specified time period, to apply. This is useful if you want to allow a number of people to apply before the official start of the application period.

People per booking

Should you wish to allow several applicants to register using one registration, you may choose the appropriate selection here.

Cancellation possible online

Deregistration online is possible if the basic settings in the club manager are different. Otherwise the basic settings apply.

Online registration ONLY via PCCADDIE://online

Online registration is only possible via your own homepage or app

Registration blocked (only possible with special rights)

This refers to the special authorization.

Usually check players with the intranet

Defining advanced registration rules

By using Define advanced registration rules button, you will get the following window

It is possible to set different rules for an application. For example, how many classes a player can simultaneously enroll in, or if a guest can take this course only once a year.

Using the New button opens the next screen and you can set the desired options there. Here is a screenshot as an example of a rule for a maximum of 3 courses in 2015:

Define registration options

Do you have any further queries to your customers for their registration? The button Registration options allows you to set up extensive query options:

The online login displays this as in the following screenshot:

You can also select the option Free text, which gives the customer the opportunity to enter additional information when registering:


All the fields can be freely edited in this tab. The information entered here can be viewed online under the call for tenders.


Here, you can enter a logo for every course. This logo can be displayed for the selected lists. You can position it with the help of the fields from left …. from top …. Width …. Height …. Currently, the logos are saved separately in the online club manager. In the future, you can insert the logo here and upload it to the online module.

:!: You have to refresh in order to see a logo after it has been saved.


In the future, you can also attach PDF files here, which can be opened online.


Use this tab to define the online permissions are defined:

Access authorization to PC CADDIE://online

Here you can set different settings for the waiting and participant lists:


Here you also have the option to set visibility. Enter a date when the waiting list or the participant list should be visible online.

Authorization PC CADDIE://online

You can also define the visibility here. Enter the date from which the waiting list or the participant list will be visible online.

Direct debit

Explain the direct debit options for members and guests. Using the drop-down box, you have the following options:


Book resources

Use this tab to organize your resources. A resource can be reserved in the timetable, or it can be just a reminder without a Timetable area. You can directly reserve a course in the timetable or add a filter.

Do you want to define a new timetable view? Follow this link:Define timetable views

:!: All the associated course dates are displayed in the course window.

Below is an example how you can register and schedule the resources for a pitch and putt course on the 10.10.2015 during the period from 10.00 - 17.00.

For this purpose, 2 reservation/resources are required:

1. Reserve Driving Range from 10:00 to 12:00 2. Reserve Practice Area from 14:00 to 16:00

Press New to open the window for reservations:

Fill in the following fields:

(1) Date and Time : Enter the date and time for the reservation in the timetable area

(2) Information : Name of the booking in the Timetable

(3) Resource : Select the corresponding Timtetable section in which you want to enter a filter for identification or make the reservation.

(4) Type : These are the following reservation types to choose from:

Reservation types
Filter with warning
Filter without warning

(5) Select how this reservation will appear: Public, Text on the Internet, or if the blocking should be tied to Internet registration.

Click OK and you will exit the input screen. Click New again to make a second reservation for the practice area.

Having provided both entries, the window should now look like this:

In the corresponding Timetable section, the reservation or filter has been made automatically:

(1) Blocking of the driving range (2) Blocking of the practice area

:!: The associated reservations for the course/event will be marked with a red frame

Manually booking resources in the Timetable

It is also possible to make a booking via the button named Directly book in the Timetable and also reserve the resource.

Clicking this button will take you directly into the timetable view. Double-clicking a time slot automatically opens the reservation window, and the desired Timetable range will already be set. Simply add the desired time-frame.

Click OK to exit the window and automatically go back to the course booking section. Now, the manual booking entry can be seen (1). Quit the manual booking by clicking on the button (2) Quit direct booking

:!: The direct booking button will be highlighted in red. With a second click, the direct booking session will end. Saving, opening of another Courses/Events or closing screen will also quit direct booking.

Markings in the Resource window

The markings in the window have the following meanings:

The markings have the following meanings:


Filter setting with warning

Filter setting without warning




Find participants for your course; use New to manually enter the participants. Online registrations are automatically entered here.

:!: If you want to enter multiple participants for a course, select the check mark for Enter more players. With this option, the window remains open and does not close after each input:


With the Edit button, or by double-clicking on the magnifying glass , the Player information window will open.

In this window, you can note whether a user has already paid the entry fee or whether this has already been withdrawn. Once the check mark already paid appears, a corresponding green check mark will also appear in the list of participants:

:!: A description of additional features of this window can be found by following this link: Player information


To delete a class participant, select a player and then click Delete. The following dialog appears. Here, you can also select whether you want to inform a subscriber directly about the deletion:

You can select whether you want to inform a subscriber directly about the deletion. The deleted participants will then be moved to the „Removed“ tab.


Participants can be restructured with the button Sort. The functions for sorting can be found following this link: Sorting

Waiting list

With this button, you can place a participant on the wait list. The following dialog appears. You can also choose whether you want to inform the player about the shift in the waiting list:

Waiting list

Find the participants who were put on the waiting list or have been registered.


In this tab, you can find all deleted participants.

List of participants

You can move a deleted player again in the list of participants with the button List of Participants.


Sort the list.

Waiting list

With this button, you can move a participant to the waiting list.


CRMCustomer Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship Management, Customer Care

In this window, you can enter all relevant information relating to a course, such as creating notes, creating correspondence relevant to the course, and entering contact information.

You can work with the CRM system by following this link: CRM/DMS

More buttons

(1)Courses: List of all courses

(2) Change: Change the selected course

(3) New: Create a new course

(4) Send: Start the comparison with the online module

(5) Move: This can be used to move the entire course to a different date. All data is moved relative to the start date. The entries in the timetable are also automatically moved to the new date, if desired.

(6) Entry fee: Enter course articles subject to charges

(7) Print: Here you can print lists from the course event module

Flat rate

You have the possibility to create a course with different modules. The customer pays a flat rate for this course. You decide how often and in which period the customer can register for the individual modules..


- A total of 80 courses are held throughout the year by various pros with different themes - 44 modules can be booked every week, and the customer may select maximum 2 of them

You have to create in PC CADDIE:

- 80 modules distributed over the weeks and pros on different topics - Individual topics can be assigned to different categories / topics

IMPORTANT: In order for the restriction to work, an additional information must be stored under the person group in both the module/course and in the Person mask (MO17).

This ensures that only persons who have this additional information can book this course/module.

Restriction: 2 courses out of 4 per week

Under the Registration tab, enter the week at „from - to“. Course date: 02.05.

In addition, a registration rule must be entered: maximum registration. So only 2 courses of the selected category can be booked.

1. Name of the rule

2. Restriction

3. Valid period

4. Valid category

5. Activate rule

Print a list of all courses and events

You can print the list of courses and events under , List of tournaments.

This view can also be restricted, for example by categories.

The completed list shows all courses or events selected during the period.

Individual Layouts

Function sheet

  1. General event information: event name, subtitle, start & end of the event, time from - to
  2. Individual resources: time, place or area, stored information, possibly article with price
  3. Sub-events: time and title
  4. Information about the participants

Layout for setting

1. Command to copy. You can add more details if needed, in which case the you may need to use the landscape format:!:

<Z >|<NAME                   >|<VORNAME       >|<STRASSE                >|<PLZ     >|<ORT                    >|<MOBIL                >|<MAIL                              >

Freely definable course or event list

  1. Settings adopted from the print window (checkmark activated or deactivated)
  2. Freely definable layout

  1. please adjust
  2. copy the following layout
<Z >|<NAME_OHNE_TITEL        >|<HCP>|<GEBURT>|<CLUB        >|<MAIL>|<MOBIL    >|<XINFO   >|
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