Cash register / efsta interface


  • Transaction of cash bookings and cancellations, using fiscal data line to the European Fiscal Standard Association (efsta)
  • Printout of the fiscal signature on a document field
  • Encryption of data for transmission
  • Management of control lists
  • Automatic night transmission possible

The efsta process (patent pending) runs a software BlackBox in the background of our PC CADDIE cash register software. For each transaction, PC CADDIE sends to the BlackBox: Document no. + Cash register ID + document amount (= the fiscal data line). The BlackBox acknowledges receipt with a unique string (= the fiscal signature) printed on the invoice receipt. The data is immediately transmitted encrypted to the efsta data center. Manipulation is virtually prevented with the immediate transmission of each transaction. In this way, the efsta procedure prevents fraud attempts and meets the directives of the Federal Ministry of Finance - also in terms of data protection and data security. Because efsta assumes the guarantee of the completeness and immutability of the data received for a period of 10 years (storage obligation).

The PC CADDIE interface for connection to the efsta method (efsta interface) is a PC CADDIE add-on module. Please contact us, we will gladly make you a software offer.

Please note that minor annual fees are charged by efsta sites, in addition to the cost of the PC CADDIE interface, .

efsta Kurzbeschreibung (in German; last accessed: 25.11.2015)

efsta Gebührenmodell 2014 (in German; last accessed: 25.11.2015)

Application in PC CADDIE

The initial setup is done by the PC CADDIE support.

POS protocol

Find out what information is available in the cash register here.

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