Firewall and access rights

Shared folders

The PC CADDIE main directory must be shared on the server. Please note that the access rights are set up for each PC CADDIE user. All PC CADDIE users, including the local system accounts, will need full rights (read, write, change, delete).

Windows permissions

All PC CADDIE Windows users must have the right to read, write, change, and delete files in the PC CADDIE folder and in all its sub directories.

If necessary, it is possible to start PC CADDIE under a different Windows user with appropriate privileges.

Specific functions require that PC CADDIE creates new folders in the data directory. It must be ensured that this is included in the user rights.

Firewall settings, routing

The following ports must be enabled for trouble-free PC CADDIE operation:

Public, Internet (only outgoing!)

These ports must be opened only for outgoing activities! Naturally, these ports must not be accessible from the internet.

TCP 5500 VNC (Remote maintenance PC CADDIE Support)
TCP 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), 23 (FTP) Intranet/PC CADDIE Updates:

:!: Please note that these ports need to be enabled when using a proxy server.

Local, within the corporate network

From workstations to PC CADDIE database server

From PC CADDIE card system server to the automated units

online ball machines, doors, vending machines, barriers, caddy boxes, etc.:

TCP 950, 951, 966, 967 necessary for operation
TCP 23, 80 for configuration and error diagnostics

:!: Please consider the correct routing in case you are working with multiple subnets.

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