Adjusting age groups

The ages group adjustment is automatically suggested by PC CADDIE the first time in year you start the program. The following window opens:

A new age group adjustment may be needed if you want to input new characteristics for a person (Players info details). For example, if you have defined age limits for the fees. In this case you shoud definitly make a Fast backup.

You can adjust the age group via Setup/Adjust Age Groups and clicking on the RECLASSIFY age groups button:

Then PC CADDIE performs the reclassification using the ages stored in the system.

The button Define age groups will take you directly to the window where you can define and edit the age groups:

:!: The preset age group should not be changed, as this can lead to miscommunication between teams and the golf association. But you can create age groups in the contribution status if you need an age group for invoicing (for example, 16 years).

PCC also offers the opportunity to schedule the age adjustments for a later date; for example, you can already set in December the necessary changes to create the invoices for the next year.

For doing this you have to go to Setup/Program Options/Options and make sure the desired setting is made in the field Start turn of the year.

In this example PC CADDIE, already identifies the new members (with the entry date the 1st of January next year) 30 days before the turn of the year - so from the 2nd of December - and the new order for membership cards includes them as well.

You can also start the age group adjustment on the the 2nd of December, so that everybody belongs to the correct age group at the very beginning of the next year. So from this point of time, PC CADDIE will start the correct Automatic transfer of fees.

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