Book activities

The feature Timetable/Book turnover serves the posting for elapsed bookings, for clubs that don’t work with cash, or green fee prints. These transactions are deposited into the clients’ accounts and can be printed as a list, if necessary.

HINT: This procedure is rarely applied in practice because many new features, which show the desired lists and statistics with much more details, have emerged (e.g. Timetable statistics, list of people with lap number etc.).

:!: Please note that transactions in the timetable have to be reviewed and/or cancelled if required before posting.

Determine the period and the division the update is supposed to be made for, then confirm with OK. The transaction is now posted as an open position into the customers’ account division that hosts all timetable transactions. You can select the division of transaction in the menu under Timetable/Configure Timetable-Rules.

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