Lockers and caddie boxes

PC CADDIE includes a complete caddie box management. This is a very useful feature, which simplifies the management of caddie box lists and invoicing for the corresponding rent. If you wish to use this system you will have to edit a few necessary settings first.

Please make a back-up before making any adjustments!

Go to Setup/Program-Options/Additional Players Info and you can edit the data fields as you wish:

Setting the values

:!: Before you define these fields you should think about the configuration layout.

Let's take the caddie boxes as an example:

In case your boxes are mixed in size, location and equipment (for example, No. 1-10 = box with electricity; No. 11-15 = family box; No. 16-20 = box with electricity; No. 21-30 = single box etc.) we advise you to configure only one simple field „Box“ and edit specialties/categories with an extension (for example, a supplementary letter) - this will be explained later. Another possible option would be to separate the caddie houses/halls (one for each data field). You would then be able to use the online-door-control-system to allow the entering only to those members who own a box in the specific caddie house/hall. Enter your desired title in the field above. In our example we will use „Caddie-Box“. You can now select the type by clicking on the button. Choose the type „Locker/Box“ and then define the maximum number of characters (length of this field).

:!: It is possible for members to have more than one caddie box and in this case the length of characters should be chosen correctly - so not to short-, as additional boxes wouldn't be properly displayed. If a box number consist of 5 characters (e.g. 003.S) entering a limit of 30 characters (including delimiter symbols like „;“) would show 5 boxes per member.

Repeat the above described steps for all kinds of administrative areas such as lockers, shares etc.

Working with the locker and caddie box function

To define the sorting and to match the boxes to your members, go to Persons/Locker Caddie-Box or right-click the first colored icon on the button bar:

Now the already configured administration options will open:

Choose the topic which you would like to work on (in our example: „Caddie-Box“) and confirm with OK or hit enter and the following window will open:

(The „Initialize this field“ button will be explained later.)

Adding numbers

The list shown above will be empty if you have newly opened the caddie boxes management window.

Click New (F9) to add the numbers to your list:

  • Numbers from: to: Here you can enter the numbers you wish to add. If you wish to add the box numbers 0-100 you simply enter „0“ in the first field and „100“ in the second one.
  • Number of digits Here you decide how many digits your numbers should have. Check the „Numbers beginning with 0“ box. Now PC CADDIE will always fill up to the maximum of characters you have entered. For example, if you entered „3“ as the amount of digits and your caddie box, the number 5 will be shown as „005“. Using these options a continuous list numbering is guaranteed.
  • Text in front of the number Enter the text or the letter which should be shown in front of the number. For example, „L“ for ladies lockers or „M“ for men lockers. Everything in front of the number will be included in the numeration.
    :!: Put a dot between letters and the number, for a better overview. You can also put the letters directly before the number; however, there must be no spaces in between. It looks like this:

  • Text behind the number: Enter the text or a letter which should be shown behind the numbers. We recommend to use this option if you want to later define the prices on the basis of this last character. In this case please choose a different letter for all types with various (rental) prices. These letters can only be used once.

:!: As the character will be shown behind the number, the numeration will still be carried out on the basis of the numbers. Confirm with OK.

;-) Now an example: your club makes the distinction between men, ladies and juniors lockers. As general term define „locker“ while configuring the administration options as described above, so you can save one data field in your person overview which you might need for other administration processes. You have now only used one additional field but your are able to create own listings for each sub-category, for lockers with the letters „M“, „L“ and „J“ in front of the numbers.

Editing a particular number

You can edit a single number using the button Edit (F7):

The data field Key No lets you save the key number. In the beneath following data fields you can edit Owner, Info, 2nd user, Rental period and Category. By entering an owner to this list, the box number will be saved to the owner's window in the according data field. With the button Button a new person can be selected from the list and immediately processed using the button Button. After you have made all your entries, you can leave the field by pressing Enter or the OK button

Example: If you allocate the locker „L.002“ to the person „Heike Richter“ you can switch to Persons/…new, edit, delete…, choose „Heike Richter“ and click „Info“. Here you will see that the number is already saved to the correct data field. You could also do this the other way around and enter the numbers directly in the owner's input window.

Sorting lists

Sort (F2) lets you sort the list according to different criteria:

Standard lists

Click the button Print list (F8) to print out lists in various forms:

The selection field Filter gives you the following options:

The selection field Order gives you the following options:

List with individual layout

Print, for example, a list of key numbers

You can create Individual layouts any time. If you create the layout directly here from the box management, you automatically receive suitable fields for selection:

Invoicing the rental fees

:!: Please be aware of the correct account type in which the caddie boxes should be billed.

As already mentioned, it is possible to have more than one box for one same person. The different box numbers will be enumerated separated by a semicolon „;“ (this happens automatically when choosing numbers out of the list). If this is the case, the different amounts of rental fees will be booked into the person's account.

The automation of invoicing the rental fees can be set up via Accounts/Fees/…new, edit, delete. Create a separate rent fee for each type of box; click New (F9) to create a new type of box:

:!: The field „Status“ should always be set to „I-Info-Fee, yearly“. This allows PC CADDIE to record the number in the text (as opposed to the status „J“), i.e., the name „Caddie box“ will be automatically completed to „Caddie box D.005“, for example.

Info-FeeThe number of the caddie box will be added automatically, even without using <?> at the end of article text
Info-Fee<?> has to be used in case the box number should be placed in between the article, for example box 123 in caddie house/hall 1
YearlyThe box number will not be shown on an invoice

The decisive factor for the automatic allocation is the info in Extra Information. Choose the field which you want to be used for the caddie box fees. If there are boxes and lockers in different sizes and version and therefore different fees, you will have to classify each type in PC CADDIE.

Include an identifier to your box and locker numbers for each category in order to clearly distinguish the types. Here are a few examples:

Fee caddie box electric: Filter: „E“
Fee family box: Filter: „F“
Fee single box: Filter: „S“
Fee single box (top): Filter: „T“
Fee single box (bottom): Filter: „B“

For the automatic allocation you will now have to create an article for each fee type and enter the corresponding identifier in the filter field. This is an example for creating the article caddie box electric:

In case you do not have different fees for your boxes and lockers just select the extra information. The filter field for the identifier can be left empty.

Initialize list

:!: Should it happen that you somehow deleted your list of caddie boxes. Or you wish to allocate the box numbers from your list to the corresponding member input window after creating a completely new structure of your list, or to sort the box numbers? PC CADDIE offers the possibility to do this completely automatic.

Go to Setup/Locker / Caddie box which opens the following window, choose the desired category and click Initialize this field:

Next you will see a selection window with two options:

  • Transfer field content from person data into caddie box list: This option can be used in case the whole caddie box list has been deleted. A deletion of the list does not affect the Info in a persons input window. By selecting this button the box numbers can be automatically transferred from the person's mask into the locker / caddie box database. Clicking this button will open a status window showing you the progress. The empty box list will be automatically filled with the contents of the persons mask.

  • Empty field content in person data and transfer content of caddie box list: Creating a completely new structure of your caddie box list can be easily transferred into the person data fields. So you won't have to allocate each box number separately to each member. Pressing this button will open a status window showing you the progress:

Working with the lockers and caddie boxes plan

You can associate the caddie box list with a plan, to give your members and guests precise information on where to find the rented cabinet. You can see at any time which boxes are available or occupied, who they belong to and where they are. We are happy to assist you in the creation of the cabinets and caddies boxes plan. We estimate about 1-2 hours needed for this Formular-Service, but we are happy to make a binding offer upon request.

After the finished setup, you will find the Lockers and caddie boxes plan under the button „Show plan“:

The plan is, of course, based on your individual location configuration. Here's an example:
„C001“ means „Caddie box No. 001“

Red = Occupied. A box with a red dot is occupied. As soon as a box is occupied, the name of the renter/owner is also displayed. The red number in the box is the key number.

Green= Free. A box with a green dot is free. Click on a free box you want to assign. The following window opens:

Select the person in the Owner field using either the search key (point 1) or the list button on the right (point 2).

:!: All additional information such as info, co-user, rental period or category, can also be displayed in the plan.

The name of the renter/owner is now displayed in the plan, in the box occupied by him and the box color changes to red. The name of the renter/owner also appears in the list.

Examples of cabinets and caddy boxes plan

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Example 4:

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