Final balance entry

This function is available under Accounts/Year End/Add total record. Pay particular attention in what the account area you are. Also ensure you make a Fast backup before starting this process.

If you make the settings as presented in the above picture, you will have the following entries for all those who had open balances:

The function is not absolutely necessary for the annual statements; check the appropriate boxes based on your needs:

  • Despite balance of accounts is 0 an opening entry - this means that persons without outstanding invoices will have a unique entry at the beginning of the year.
  • Book-out only, do not post entry again - in order make the final booking at the end of the year; all customers will be debt-free and no longer appear on the balance list. This can be useful, for example, if your payment accounts are managed externally.
  • Post entry again, if amount is larger than 1,00 (or 5, or…) - this allows you to ensure that small amounts that you decide to disregard do no longer appear on account balances lists.
  • Please consult PC CADDIE Support for the options listed under the CAUTION key-word.

Balancing the entries is not recommended when archiving the area.

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