Cash register - method of payment

You can find this menu point under Setup/Program Options/Cash register-payment. Here you can enter the payment methods used. These can then be selected in the cash register during the payment process.

Checking the into cash book box means that the amounts of this payment type are added to the cashbook, and are kept as cashbook entries. It is usually the case that only the cash receipts are taken into account in a cashbook and make up the respective cash balance. However, the accounting department may decide that other payment methods are also to be included. This means that the overall daily opening balance does not match the cash availability.

The check-mark is set to cash in cash book

You see that only the cash payments are added in the cashbook and added for the overall cash balance. You can also identify the credit card payments (here, too, everything that has been booked via the credit card is added); however, the cash balance does not increase for the credit card payments.

The check-mark is set to cash and credit card payments

In this example the check-mark is also set for the credit card payments. As a result, the total is increased with 150,–€.

Card payment via a terminal

You can also enter other payment methods that are used for a card terminal. These are marked with <CW>, <TK> or <DA>.

The following payment methods can be automatically created in PC CADDIE when setting up a payment terminal.

Find out more about the Methods of payment for Germany and Switzerland.

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