Persons additional info fields

PC CADDIE offers you the possibility to define additional information fields using the Infos tab. You can add up to eight additional fields:

:!: You should make a Fast backup before performing any changes, to make sure you can retrace your steps in case you make any errors.

Creating additional fields

Please make a Fast backup.

Click on Setup/Program Options/Additional Players Info; the following window opens:

HINT: PC CADDIE allows you to manage not only your caddy boxes and lockers, but also your shares. We would like to explain the usage of additional fields using shares as an example.

Enter „Share“ in the first unused line, and select „Locker/Box“ as Type.

:!: DO NOT leave any blank lines.

:!: Modify existing fields only after consultation with the PC CADDIE Support.

Confirm your inputs with OK and click Yes in the next window.

Now you can use the new additional field „Shares“ in all people masks under the tab Infos:

For opening this window you have the option to click on the list-symbol or right-click on the first icon under the main menu:

Now you can configure the number of allocated shares.

Click on New to set the corresponding number of shares.

You can enter the desired numbers using the fields from… to…. If you want to add 0-100 shares, you should enter „0“ in the first field and „100“ in the second one. The Number of digits field determines the maximum number of digits required. Enable the option Numbers beginning with 0, which means that PC CADDIE will always fill-out the maximum number of digits. For example, if you set „3“ as Number of digits, the share with the number 5 will appear as „005“ in the list. Thus, a continuous numbering is guaranteed. Use the field Text in front of the number to enter the text or the letters you wish to appear in from of the number (for example, „PLC“ for public limited company. Whatever stands in front of the number is included in the numbering.

:!: Use a point between the number and the letter identification. The number can also immediately follow the letter, you just have to make sure there are no spaced in between.

Text behind the number: You can enter here the text or the letters you wish to appear behind the number. We encourage you to use this feature if you want to later set the prices depending on this letters. Choose a different letter for shares with different prices and make sure no letters are assigned twice.

:!: It is important that the letter identification is placed after the number, which will allow sorting by the numbers. Confirm this dialogue with OK.

Afterwards, you have the final selection list and can assign the shares to the appropriate persons.

Various additional field types

PCC offers various types of fields when creating additional fields. The field length is limited to 70 characters and can be individually customized.

  • This selection allows you to enter individual „marks“. It can be used, for example, for license plate numbers.

  • The entered text will be „right aligned“ in the person mask.

  • This setting should be used for all information passed through numbers. Use „numbers“ when storing debtors data. However, the debtors' number is only important if the membership numbers cannot be used as debtor numbers with the module Export accounting data, because the accounting have already internally assigned different numbers.

  • By using this type you will see a date field in the person mask.

  • This type offers the possibility to manage different information about lists (read here more about caddie boxes).

Automatic change of additional fields

Please make a quick backup before making any automatic changes - better safe than sorry!

This function is a pure calculation or replacement routine. For example, for numeric fields, you can enter X*1.09 and use this to convert between a field „Euro“ into a field „Francs“; another example is to use X+365 in a numeric field to prolong a validity date with one year.

If the destination field is a text or cabinet/box field, the normal commands (as used, for example, in a list of people) may be entered to fill-in any content into the additional fields.

Above all, the function is also useful if, for example, you want to re-sort the additional fields. Let's say you want to have a new field at the top, then you can move all field contents one after the other one by one (of course starting at the bottom!) …

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