Delete Results

Germany and Switzerland


:!: In Germany and Switzerland it is not allowed to delete record entries any more. You will get the following message:

Please correct faulty record entries as described under Edit Handicap Record.

Other countries

Please note that deleting an entry will cause a complete recalculation of the record sheet.

There are very few cases in which we recommend to delete record entries in series. It is better to individually work on each record sheet. If you plan to delete complete years, please keep in mind that your players might want to keep track of their handicap development over time and could ask for a printout of their complete record sheet. This is particularly important for squad players. If you still want to delete record entries, please make a Quick backup before that.

The function for deleting record entries is used to delete many entries at once, for example, the entries for a past year. You can access it under Handicaps/Delete results

Be very careful when using this function. You can filter the entries you want to delete using the fields date and time. You should select All entries only in exceptional cases.

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