Functions and settings

Options - Printing and settings

PC CADDIE gives you two possibilities for accessing the Options. Via Persons/Reminder window and via the CRM window available at the right of each person’s mask. Pressing the Options button opens this window:

The individual buttons are further described.

First, you can Print list. It can be a predefined data range, certain persons or categories:

Under the tab Date/User/Sorting you can first define the data range for printing. You can determine whether only the main date or also the reminding date, date of entry, changes or finishing dates should be displayed. For the function Print list it is better to choose for From: and To: “All users”. For Sorting, we recommend you choose “By category”; you can, of course, adjust these settings according to your needs.

The tab Output allows you to specify what information should be printed.

The tab Categories allows you to set which categories are to be printed. Again, you have the additional choices whether to also print with new entries or with changes.

HINT: All categories will be printed if you don’t make any selections.

Other filtering options can be made under the tab Status/Keyword/Person. Again: if nothing is selected, all states will be printed. It is also possible to filter what you want to print based on a keyword, a theme or a person.

Press Print (F8) after you have made all the settings according to your wishes.

List change membership features

Choose Persons/Reminder window from the main menu and click on Options on the left hand side.

Select Print list in the following window:

Here you can select the date and check only the Main date in this area. Additional selections would unnecessarily delay the compilation of the list.

Then select the tab Categories and check the Change record (ÄND-Änderung am Datensatz)

Then, go to Status/Keyword/Person and write down the keywords as in the screenshot:

MERK02 evaluates the known field <MERKMAL02>, i.e., membership, in most clubs.
MERK03 evaluates the known field <MERKMAL03>, i.e. status or contribution status.

Of course, you could also choose MERK04. However, in most clubs this field is not necessary for the distinction of membership.

Now print it. Your list will look something like this:

Compare the printout with the person’s mask FOR UNDERSTANDING the abbreviations.

Membership = MERK02
Status = MERK03

The membership and status types are listed only with the corresponding numbers. There are 1-9 and A to Z; on the list A to 10, B to 11 to C to 12, and so on.

You can find the information here: Print Todo list

You can find the information here: Print Daily list

Show CRM window

The Show CRM window has the same effect as the Cancel button: it brings you back to the window from which you opened the options window.

Show task window

The Show task window button opens the Events window; applicable for example when you opened the Options from the person’s CRM window.

Show alarm window

The Show alarm window button allows you to open the window manually; normally, the window will open automatically at regular intervals.

Open messages list

The incoming calls are displayed if your telephone system is linked with PC CADDIE.

Basic settings

HINT: The basic settings can also be accessed via Setup/Program Options/Reminder and History Settings.

Define or change categories

The CRM\DMS already contains several pre-defined categories. We will discuss every category and their individual characteristics in the next section. However we would like to point out that you can change the existing categories or define your own categories. You may need additional categories depending on what responsibilities you need for the CRM\DMS. Click on the button Define categories to create a new category or to change an existing one:

Edit (F7) allows you to modify an existing category and Delete (F5) deletes it from the list. We will now briefly show you how to create a new category. To do this, click New (F9), which opens the following window:

For example, one of your employees is responsible for tournaments. All information regarding tournaments should therefore be immediately forwarded to him. In this case, it is worthwhile to open a category. We enter the Description for “tournament” under the Abbreviation “TUR”.

Under the tab Type you can select different category types. For our example we chose “Information”.

Below this, you can determine to which group the category should be assigned. In our case, we select the groups “memo” and “correspondence”.

In the tab Standard you can enter a text using the field Standard text; this will appear automatically as default once you make a new entry in the CRM\DMS with this category. You can further decide whether a Resubmission is to be made and about the Status and the Color of the category. All information provided will be taken from now on as default settings for the category.

:!: Please make sure that you do not take countless different colors for the categories. The CRM\DMS should remain clear. Use colors only when the information should be highlighted.

Checking the Choice for auto text allows you to edit interesting entries.

If you enter a Standard text in this way …

Interested about the member
Interested about the mailing campaign
Interested about advertisements
Interested aout own initiative

Handicap since:
Course of interest:
Membership interest:

…and then check the box, all the rows are retrieved as alternatives up to the blank line. When you choose a line it is entered in the subject line. Everything following the blank line is then taken as effective proposal and can be filled out by the employee.

If you want a follow-up entry for that category, you can define it under the Follow-up entry tab:

;-) You have made an offer to a customer and want to check with them a few days later. PC CADDIE will automatically remind you about this using the Following entry functionality. Confirm your entries with OK or Enter.

Automatic data import

Read more in the chapter Automatic data import.

Daily application of the CRM\DMS

New entries can be created using the people mask or the Reminder window. To create an entry, click the button New or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F6.

This opens a window where you can first choose a category:

Select any category and confirm with OK, as usually.

:?: For example, you want to define an appointment?

Select in this case the category APP. The following window opens:

General input options

  • Address: for our example, we enter “Teti” for Tester Tina.
    HINT: If you would have made the entry directly from Tester Tina’s personal mask, the address would have been automatically filled-in.
  • Contact person: if you have already entered a contact person for a person or a company, you can select that contact here by clicking the Select button (F2):

  • Category: choose/change the category using the drop-down list.
  • Subject: you can enter additional information and comments in the Subject line, below the Category. Write down a meaningful subject. This line can be viewed in the general overview. Phrases like “Hello Mrs. Smith, I wanted to tell you …” are not helpful, but “Annual fee paid in cash” is.
  • Fixed date: set the date and time for the information. For our example, we leave it at the default value. You can also define the duration of the appointment in minutes. Enter “60” is the appointment should take one hour.
  • Follow-up: using this field you can set the date on which the information should be resubmitted by PC CADDIE. If you want to be reminded after a week for example, you can enter this here. An earlier reminder is also possible, for example if you need to prepare for the appointment.
  • For: for whom is the information/task? Here you can set whether the entry is for a specific user or for all, so that it is displayed in the reminder window.
  • Visible: It makes sense, for example, when editing an employment contract: visible to CEO/President
  • Status: Here you can select a status. If you set the status to “Alert (urgent), an additional window appears at the time of the event in which you will be asked to take further steps:

Set the next steps for the appointment using this dialog: you can input, for example, In progress (F7), Done (F9), or use Rest to stop or delay the alarm. Choosing “deleted” as the status will remove the entry after you confirm with OK.

  • Attachment: PC CADDIE offers you the opportunity to add attachments to every note you make:

Just click on the folder’s symbol and select the document you want to attach. This feature allows any employee and any member or staff to easily consult all the correspondence, provided of course they have the authorization to do this. All attached documents are always stored by PC CADDIE in the folder “Attached” in the main data. There are different ways to import documents in PC CADDIE, which are further described here.

Other buttons in the input mask

After you completed an entry, you can confirm this by pressing the button. This prompts a security query:

The button offers you two options. You can either use it to create a project, in which case the original entry is assigned to the project. Or, if the entry is already assigned to a project, it opens that project.

If you have questions regarding this entry which should be answered by another person, you just need to press the button. An additional entry that you can edit is created. Your original entry remains unchanged.

Use the button if you would like to give an answer. An additional entry where you can enter your answer is created. Your original entry gets automatically the status “answered” and is thus completed.

The button sets a dividing line above the previous text and your text, and inputs information regarding the date and time of your input, together with your user ID (from password management):

If you have saved the phone number of a person or a company, and your phone system is implemented in PC CADDIE, you can call directly using the button.

If your club uses the module “Send bills by mail”, you may want to enable the button. Register with our support team by sending an email to support@pccaddie.com. This allows you to send specific emails based on your templates, or individually via PC CADDIE.

Further examples of the different categories

“ALINK” is used when you want to associate a person with a company or with another person. This is usually not about the contact person of a company, but perhaps about an employee or a reference person. You will see a person’s relationships in their mask. First, check if the person you want to link is stored in PC CADDIE, or has yet to be created. Then click in the CRM/DMS window on the button NEW and select the category.

Select the person that you want to associate with the company using the Address field.

ANSP (Contact person)

If you don’t want to store the contact person as an individual in your system, you can also add them only as part pf the company’s description. Choose the category Contact person (ANSP).

You can now store all the necessary information about this contact.

The Contact person function is particularly useful as it allows you to store a different address, for example one that should be used for letters or invoices. (The person’s input window offers you only the Address tab for companies or suppliers).

If you want to create an Alink from a contact, you have to first input the person with which you want to make the link. Open the Contact record with double kick and click Replace (F4).

The following window opens:

  1. Hotel Fuchsbau with the contact persons Gangerer
  2. is transferred to Ludwig Gangerer
  3. check the box, so that the old data is replaced.

ÄND (Change record)

Entries with this category cannot be manually created. If something changes in a personal record, PC CADDIE will automatically create an entry. These can be found in the CRM window in the Record changes tab. You can open the individual entries by double-clicking. You can see here what has been changed and to what extent:

The categories “ANSL” (record linking) and “NEW” (create the record) are structured in the same way.

CRYPT (Crypt Info)

“CRYPT” requires a password to access the stored information. If you want, for example, to store a password or a PIN code, you can do this is a secure way using the CRYPT category, where your entries are password protected. First you will be prompted twice to enter a personal password:

After confirming with OK you can enter the PIN code or any other information you want to store:

Confirm your entries with OK or Enter. From now on you will have access to the new entry only after you provide the password.

:!: Attachments cannot be encrypted.


Choosing this category will automatically start the scanning process if you have a working scanner. Read the chapter Automatic data import for more details.

Transfer all entries

Pressing the key combination Shift+F9 in a person’s CRM window opens the following dialog:

Set where the messages should be transmitted and restrict, if necessary, the date field. Confirm with OK.

:!: All entries (from the selected dates) are deleted from the original person and appear instead to the new person. Only new entries to the person’s mask and the record changes will remain at the original person.

Create and store individual letters

Click on Word/Export or Writer/Export from a person’s mask to create a single letter using a template.

The following window opens:

Select the option “Automatically generate a letter”, choose a template for the letter and click OK. This will open Microsoft Word, with the template’s fields already filled-in for John Smith. You can now work as usually with the Word document. After closing the Word, the following window appears with the attached document:

Input all the desired entries according to your wishes and leave the window with OK or F12. The document is now available in Sarah Interested’s CRM window. You can open it again and print it any time.

Locations for the various documents

Documents are stored in different folders in PC CADDIE. In the folder “Attached” you will find all the individual letters. The folder “Mailmerge” includes all letters, while the folder “Template” is used only for templates.

Endorse form letters

Read here how to store a form letter in CRM\DMS:

More information about CRM\DMS

Tournament registrations and cancellations are recorded automatically in the CRM\DMS, regardless of whether you have entered these manually or received an online message via the intranet or the Internet.

The Changes to the data tab contains all the data changes; this will show you, for example, when you have changed a membership status.

PC CADDIE CRM/DMS and other programs

Send documents to PC CADDIE

Right-click the document you want to send to PC CADDIE in Explorer or from your desktop. Then select the Send to/PC CADDIE option:

The following window opens in PC CADDIE:

:!: The original document remains in the original folder. PC CADDIE saves an additional document in the folder “Attached”. If you want to subsequently import more documents, or if you prefer this option, you just have to open the containing folder and PC CADDIE, select the documents and simply pull them (“drag and drop”) by pressing the mouse button in the info window of a person in PC CADDIE.

HINT: If a document (for example, a member’s contract) is saved conforming to the scheme, last name, first name-subject (Schmedding, Benedict-Contract.doc), then PC CADDIE automatically determines the appropriate person and sets the subject accordingly.

PC CADDIE and Outlook

Each CRM\DMS attachment can simply be copied as an attachment into Outlook:

:?: For example, you want to send an email based on a letter you already created?

Go with the cursor to the line in which there is the letter symbol and press Ctrl+C to copy.

Now open the Outlook, and place the cursor in the actual text box. The attachment is automatically pasted with Ctrl+V:

You can also press Ctrl+V in the Explorer and the document is copied to the desired location. You can select multiple entries in the Info windows of the customer by holding down the Control key (Ctrl), and copy them together.

HINT: PC CADDIE can be connected to the Outlook using a macro. An additional button with the label “to PC CADDIE” will be installed in Outlook. This allows you to save incoming and outgoing emails in CRM\DMS under the appropriate people. Please contact the PC CADDIE support team for setting up the Outlook macros.

Pressing the button “to PC CADDIE” will send the email to PC CADDIE and automatically save it at the right location in CRM\DMS:

PC CADDIE and Thunderbird

Adding attachments from CRM\DMS to emails in Thunderbird is just as easy as to Outlook.

Storing emails in PC CADDIE via a button in Thunderbird is also possible. To this end, we have developed a Thunderbird add-on. Please contact our Support team if you are interested in this option.

A PC CADDIE Save button is inserted in your inbox:


And also in the window for viewing individual emails:


Create emails directly from the person

Click on the envelope icon from the email field on the person’s mask to create an email:

Outlook will automatically open and the email for the person concerned can be created. To create an email for a contact person, simply activate the contact person and click Ctrl+M. Outlook will open and directly send the email you created to the contact person.

:!: For Outlook Express, you need to locally specify this program in Control Panel, under Internet Options/Programs.

Questions regarding the saving process

The following window opens if the saving operation is aborted:

If you want to move in PC CADDIE, for example, documents from the folder “Secretariat/Letters”, you have the following options for the original file:

  1. With the first option Yes, delete, a copy of the letter is stored in CRM\DMS. The original file (for example, from the folder Secretariat / Letters) is deleted.
  2. Move to a sub-folder means that a copy of the letter is stored in CRM\DMS and the document from the folder “Secretariat / Letters” will be moved to a subfolder _PCC. This way, one has a good overview of which files have already been stored in PC CADDIE. This is the “golden mean” and therefore bookmarked.
  3. No, leave it, is the last option. The document remains in the folder “Secretariat/Letters” in the original condition, and a copy is stored in the CRM\DMS. If you choose this option, you will not know in retrospect whether you've placed the file in PC CADDIE.
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