Add players to the cash register

This item needs to be separately set-up by the PC CADDIE support, but it is included in the timetable license.

With this function, all timetable bookings of the day can be transferred in the morning to a cash register for further processing. This can be very service-oriented and cost-saving, especially in gastronomy and Pro shop.

To transfer the players from the timetable to the cash register, go to the menu entry Timetable/Export player to cash register. The following window opens:

  1. Select the timetable area from which you want to transfer to the cash register.
  2. Select the date.
  3. The time range from which you want to transfer the players can be selected here. Check this box if you only want to transfer the main bookings and no follow-up bookings
  4. You have the option to take on all the players or just the ones not booked yet. You can also undo this action by selecting Remove players from the cash register.
  5. Select here which group of people you would like to transfer from the timetable to the cash register..
  6. If you check the box here, the players are sorted and transferred to the cash register after the tee time.
  7. You can set the target account range as required. Normally you transfer the players to the account area in which the cash register is active.

When you have made and checked all the settings, press the button To cash register, and the players will be transferred to the cashier. The following query appears:

Click Cancel if you still want to change something. Re-start the process after you correct all the settings.

Then you have the opportunity to take players from another timetable area into the cash register.

If you want to do this, go to Yes, start, adjust the settings again and select the area from which you want to take the players. If you do not want to edit any other areas, press No, I'm done.

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