Reminder, automatic actions

You can choose which actions should be automatically performed by PC CADDIE under Timetable/Reminder.

:!: Please note that this feature still exists, but it is now encapsulated in the PC CADDIE module CRM\DMS.


Activate the reminder function if PC CADDIE should automatically raise an alarm, for example reminding you to „Call the Greenkeeper“. You can also choose the time, the repetition rate and the type of sound to be played. PC CADDIE opens the following window at the desired time, accompanied by your chosen sound:

Night actions

Select the functions that PC CADDIE should automatically perform, and the time when they should be performed:

Blocking at night

:!: This blocking is only necessary if your technicians want to secure the PC CADDIE databases using an external application, which can be done only if the databases are closed. Enter the time at which you want PC CADDIE to be completely blocked (time of the backup).

:!: The night blocking cannot overlap with the PC CADDIE automatic night actions.

:!: The PC CADDIE modules cannot be used during this time (card systems, access control systems, PCO services, etc.), which also means that no tee times can be booked. Also make sure that the same blocking is entered in the PC CADDIE://online Club manager under the menu Teetime Server (TT-Server).

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