PC CADDIE://online Club manager

;-) General information:

Log-in via URL or direct access via the Infodesktop

The external access is necessary for your web designer, because in most cases they do not have access to your PC CADDIE Infodesktop.

In PC CADDIE, you have direct access via the PC CADDIE Infodesktop.


After successful login, you will be taken directly to the start page, where the entire navigation is available. The individual menu items are explained in detail below.

Facility/ Club

The display is divided into 3 levels under this menu item.


The address used here is at the same time also in the booking confirmations. The logo is also stored for display.


As soon as your online service can no longer establish a connection with the server, we receive a corresponding message in support. This message enables us to help you as quickly as possible in case there are any problems with the connection. We therefore ask you to „take PC CADDIE online system with you“ when it is closed or during your vacation; this also applies to the PC CADDIE://online Tournament management.

Enter an informative text here:

The info text appears if someone wants to book a tee time:


This password must be set in PC CADDIE under in the menu item Setup/Program options/Display font. It ensures that the PC CADDIE Infodesktop is displayed according to the system.


Under Online Service, you can set whether you want a notification when the system goes offline. Here you will find additional information about the topic PC CADDIE://online Tee time Service.

This setting is also intended for maintenance/off-line times, when the TT server is shut down or otherwise busy, and therefore cannot accept requests from PC CADDIE://online.

:!: It should match the settings from the tab Blocking at night under Setup/Program options/Reminder in PC CADDIE.


Here you can choose if you would like to receive a copy for each booking of your customers, or if a daily report would be more appropriate (or even both).

Service sites

Here you will find all services that have been activated for your facility. Click on the green button to call up the service page and test the bookings.

If you edit a service page using the editing pen, you can define a start image, a header image, the CSS and even a start text.


Here you can make the settings for the PC CADDIE://online Tournament management.

Create a new category

Here you can create Categories. These ensure a structure (per departments, interest groups, topics) and can be published separately on the website, for example, Men's calendars, women's or sponsor tournaments.

To create them, simply click on the button Online in the tournament. Select the field Other in the tab Texts 2, and enter the category between two hashes (example: #J# - this ensures that the tournament is assigned to this category).

You can insert any number of letters between the hashes. In this example the tournament should appear in the category „Men (H)“ as well as in the category „Ladies (D)“: #HD#.

:!: The categories must be activated under Tournament settings in order for them to appear in the calendar.

;-) The Mainzer Golfclub offers the following categories:

HINT: in the case of Mainzer Golfclub, a direct call for implementation via I-Frame on your website would be the following link for the men's calendar:

Edit settings

You can select between different options using the Edit Settings button.

:!: Please pay close attention to the points here. There is no right or wrong, the settings vary from golf course to golf course.

;-) Here's an example of what it could look like with course ads and tournament categories: Golfanlage Gut Apeldör.

Space usage

This menu item is relevant for the add-on module PC CADDIE://online Platzbelegung.

  1. Create any area in the Area overview. Read the information that appears afterwards.
  2. Use More settings to set how many days can be displayed online.
  3. You can enter, for example, groups and work activities far in advance via Manual entries.

Area overview

The area must have the same ID as the local timetable, so that the tournaments relevant for this area can be displayed there. Several areas can exist. For example, also a secretarial or catering area with manually entered opening hours. Also specify a default text for the area. This is displayed whenever nothing else is available on one day. If the events set from PC CADDIE are linked to the calendar, you can insert the desired URL and specify in the field Target attribute that a new window will open as blank.

This is how it looks like online:

  1. Name of the area
  2. Standard text
  3. Entries in the linked competitions
  4. Duration from-to from PC CADDIE resource management

Manual entries

  1. First, set how many days you want to display.
  2. The plus sign allows you to show multiple entries per day or recurring entries per week.

Scorecards calculator

The Scorecards calculator is integrated in the PC CADDIE://online APP plus Responsive Design. Here you can upload the course data directly from PC CADDIE. It is important that they were created in PC CADDIE under Setup/Clubs+Courses/, edit, delete .

Then simply click on the menu item Scorecard calculator in the Club manager and the data will be updated directly. You will be informed if there are any changes in the data.

Here you will find additional information about PC CADDIE://online Scorekarten-Rechner

;-) Test the scorecard calculator in the Golfclub Altenhof.

Tee times


  • Enter the current offers directly into the system, and the user can book the desired applications from home.
  • The articles/services which are entered here are then available for reservation.
  • The information is currently stored only in the booking confirmation itself, you will not be able to already see in PC CADDIE which articles/services were booked.

See here the coach offer live:

Timetable areas

;-) Here you can make the settings that affect your areas.

:!: For example, you can adjust here the online view for winter, to specify that the starting time is 10 clock.

  • Here you can activate or deactivate the display button.
  • It is also possible to permit or prohibit the booking of persons without a DGV ID number.
  • In order to avoid duplicates in the club management system, a dummy user can be created in PC CADDIE with the abbreviation ttdg:

    Then check this option in the Club manager. If you do this, we recommend the Check for double entries in the more quiet times.
  • Set cancellations and introductory texts.
    :!: The cancellation period is set in PC CADDIE in the respective area.
  • CSS is the language in which the format specifications for a web page are formulated. It can either be inserted directly between the HTML code of a web page or via an external file: *.css (*= any file name). An extra file, of course, has the advantage that it can be easily exchanged and changed, and the website can be adapted to the own homepage.

;-) Here's an example on how to format the font of the page in Arial, font size 8pt, bold with color blue. On request, we will gladly make adjustments for you.

Under this menu item you can make the basic settings for the PC CADDIE://online Tee time/Pro booking.

  • The timetable rules set in PC CADDIE under Timetable/Configure Timetable-Rules, are queried for the online modules and stored online every 1 hour.
  • The PC CADDIE team will be happy to help with any questions you might have about creating the rules.

  • Click on Refresh under Timetable rules to immediately load the changes.

  • The following message will be displayed if the settings corresponding to the person making the bookings violate a rule.

;-) In the picture you can see that the customer making the bookings has too little time difference to another booking and therefore can not book another time.

:!: Here it is good if you know in the long run, which rules fit individually to the booking behavior of your customers. The rules can be very different from golf course to golf course.

;-) Read here how to Configure Timetable-rules.

Marshal / Starter

Enter the transit times for your golf course here. Use the stylus to edit the desired location.

Enter Par and Time in minutes per hole. Even the hole could be overwritten, if desired (example: Hole 9, tee 10).

See the resulting transit times in the PC CADDIE://online Marshal-Administration.


You can enter different texts here.

These texts can be made visible via Blocking/Filter bookings or timetable rules with matching abbreviation.

The following abbreviations should be used as follows:

Day locks WITH or WITHOUT view of timetableUse in practice
1. *-If a * is set on a day, the text Day blocking WITH View is displayed from the PC CADDIE://online Club manager. ThePC CADDIE://online Timetable remains visible, but can not be booked. In practice, this is used for weekdays which are not bookable, but should be visible as occupancy information.Often
2. *XHere the whole day is locked. The schedule is hidden in PC CADDIE://online. The text Day blocking WITHOUT View is displayed from the PC CADDIE://online Club manager.Seldom

InfoScreen Standard

The entry made there will appear below the place/area previously selected on the PC CADDIE://online InfoScreen. First click Add entry.

;-) Publish here your meal of the day, or your course info including day request - short and concise.

* These are time-limited messages for the PC CADDIE://online InfoScreen.

  • There is thus a website that you can display on the screen in the club. Your members can see the current tee times and players.
  • You can also generate messages displayed at a specific time.

  1. Create news here.
  2. Use this button to delete news.
  3. Edit news here.

This is the message on the PC CADDIE://online InfoScreen looks like:

InfoScreen Plus

InfoScreen Premium

The Screen Premium includes the check-in as an additional option. These functionalities are in preparation. If you have any questions, please contact us directly: PC CADDIE://online customer service


Here you have the opportunity to position global sponsorship pictures/logos/links. Just click on the sheet symbol (top right in the picture) and upload your file. The location and duration of the ad can be individually selected per image.

:!: The file should not be too big, be sure to check the result.

HINT: Test with small pictures and sell the lucrative advertising space to your sponsors.

Data privacy

Here you can enter all relevant data privacy information for tee time bookings (starting times, training lessons, mats, etc.), registrations for tournaments, courses, events, or for the hotel and restaurant online services.

Furthermore, you can link the data privacy policy to your golf club and general announcements for competitions. You can also use the file manager to upload files.

For each online booking, the corresponding texts and the link to the data privacy policy are displayed; for tournament registrations, the general announcement is also displayed.

Entering the texts

The data privacy information is entered separately for each online service. Please always enter a short text (preview) and the detailed text. For tournaments/courses/events, you can also enter the link to the general announcement.

The texts already listed there are placeholders – please arrange the applicable texts within the club.

Please note: if you want to display the texts in several languages, the corresponding translations must also be entered – e.g. in the same text field below. There is no automatic translation.

When registering for a tournament, for example, it looks like this:


To put the entered texts and stored links online or to publish them, save your changes and publish them by activating them using “ON”.

Please note: saving and activating is only possible if a URL to the data privacy policy is stored.

File manager

Use the file manager to upload the files and images for your PC CADDIE://online services, for example, the club's logo.


For security reasons, the log-out from the system after completing the settings.

Questions? Issue? Wishes?

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact your PC CADDIE://online customer service.

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