This article deals with the specific details for OpenOffice form letters.

General information about form letters can be found in the main article Form letters with ....

Main dialogue / Pre-settings

See main article Main dialogue.

See main article Pre-settings.

Edit/use form letter

Continuation of the main article Edit/use form letter.

A dialogue to control the form letter functions will appear next to the document.

With the following buttons you can add additional data-fields at the current cursor position:

  • Insert address field
  • Insert date field
  • Insert subject field

For further data fields you can click Insert other field.

With Preview you can view a preview of your form letter. More about this is available here: Preview form letter.

Use Print to open the print dialogue. More about this is available here: Print form letter

With Close you will exit the document. You will be asked to save you changes, in case you made any.

With Save and close the document will be saved and closed without any further request.

Preview form letter

The preview helps you verify the template with filled in data fields. The documents will be printed as they are displayed in the preview.

If you want to change the text for specific people you can activate the Editor mode.

A dialogue to control the preview functions opens.

Back and Next will switch the preview of the persons.

Jump to person opens a selection of persons you can jump to. Documents of persons that are opened in editor mode will be highlighted with an orange circle.

Refresh refreshes the preview.

Enable editing starts the Editor mode.

Back to template switches back to the template.

Close closes the preview and the dialogue.

Editor mode

The editor mode is used to change the text, picture, etc. for specific persons.

When activating the editor mode the preview of the current person will be saved to a file (see Storage locations for documents) and the write protection will be disabled. Now it is possible to make changes.


In addition, a slightly different function dialogue will appear:

Refresh is deactivated.

Disable editing deletes the edited document and switches back to the normal preview.

All other buttons maintain their functions.

Continuation of the main article Print form letter.

This function allows you to print the form letter.

Change printer settings opens the OpenOffice Print setup dialogue.

:!: All other dialogues will be blocked until this dialogue has been confirmed.

Storage locations for documents

Continuation of the main article Storage locations for documents.

With OpenOffice, there are additional folders in Mailmerge for form letters where documents have been adjusted for specific people (Editor mode). The changed documents are inside this folder.

The folder name is created using the file name and the „Mails“ of the document.

The file name of the edited document is created using the documents file name and in brackets the family name, first name, and membership number.

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