DGV (German Golf Association) statistics

Read here how to create the annual member statistics on 30.09 - how to determine the number of DGV club members, transfer them to the DGV intranet and in addition send them by fax or mail to the German Golf Association e.V.

In order to avoid discrepancies in the registered membership numbers in advance, it is useful to transfer all members to the Intranet one day in advance, on 29.09, and then to continue with the statistics on 30.09. This will shorten the process, and the evaluation of the membership numbers on 30.09 will not take long:


Please open this menu item via Persons/Print…/Statistics and select the option Association statistics.

The following window opens:

  1. Enter the current year here.
  2. „All members“ is the default group of persons to be evaluated.
  3. The licensee is filled in automatically.
    :!: Check the name of the license.
  4. Now enter the name of the person signing the document.
  5. Setting this check mark is optional - it stops the data transfer to DGV while you check the numbers.
    The final document has to be transferred via Intranet, so the check mark must not be set for the printout.

Confirm by clicking the button Print (F8).

The number for „Members liable to contribution“ does not include adolescents under the age of 21. Members for which no date of birth has been entered are counted in the group 61 and older. The DGV invoices the clubs for all contributory members, based on the number of members transferred to INTRANET on 30.09 of the respective year.
Members who have an entry date after 30.09, but were already introduced in the system, are also counted by the DGV.

It is necessary in any case that a legally binding signed copy is printed and sent by post or fax to DGV. So you can be sure as the representative of the club, that only transfers that you have checked and signed are used.

You can print the statistic as often as you like. The data will always be transferred and marked with a transaction stamp, but the DGV will only use the data that was authorized. The transaction stamp is used for identification purpose and can therefore be found next to the creation date at the bottom of the information block of the printed statistic.

HINT: The statistic is always created based on the current status of your database, that is why we recommend to IMMEDIATELY print the data sent to DGV on 30.09 and save the created statistic as a PDF file using the button in the print screen view. In particular, subsequent changes to entry and exit data, or the complete removal of the member states have an impact on a later calculation and then lead to avoidable queries from the association!

Print the instructions for the GDV association statistics as PDF file (in German).

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