Intranet configuration

The basic intranet configuration slightly differs from country to country. Please make sure you are following the right instructions!

Germany, Switzerland and International

The intranet configuration stores all the important information for the correct synchronization with the DGV Server in Germany and the ASG Server in Switzerland.

You can find the configuration window under Setup/Intranet-Configuration.


The settings are already stored correctly. Changes should only be carried out by PC CADDIE Support.

Online customers can also use the Settings button to add a user name and a password for the data transfer with


The user name and the password used for the DGV server or for the Swissgolf network are stored here.

The user name automatically sent to you when registering with the golf association.

For DGV members: the user name is removed after a new PC CADDIE station installation, for security reasons. Please retrieve it from DGV (DGV contact) and enter it again here.

Communication service

You can install a communication service for the automatic data synchronization with the DGV server or with the Swiss golf network. This controls the automatic data upload in the background, without having to manually start the intranet synchronization or .

Install the communication server

You have to install the communication server (this is a one-time operation). PC CADDIE then automatically creates a so-called „service“ which controls the intranet synchronization.

Click on Install communication server :

The following window opens while the installation is running.

The status will change to Active after you start it by pressing the button Start the server. Now PC CADDIE automatically initializes the data transfer in the set time period.

The service can be also called via Control Panel/Administrative Tools/View Local Services after its configuration:

HINT: The communication server should be defined as an exception in your firewall after its installation, in order to work properly.

Remove the communication server

Press Remove to remove the installation of the communication server.

Special functions


This section presents the Special functions in more details. You can reach these functions via the Intranet connection, under „Intranet configuration and Special functions“:

The Special functions tab gives you different options for uploading data on the intranet:

  1. You can Empty the output directory.
  2. You will be able to change your own club information. You can also enter the club information via Setup/Program Options/Club address, banking details: Club address, bank account, creditor ID
  3. Here, the handicap effectiveness of 9-hole tournaments played abroad has been set, and this has been binding since 2012:
  4. Edit the automatic reply texts for intranet registration. PC CADDIE already contains some texts that you can modify:
  5. You can get the player ID for all your members. After clicking here, PC CADDIE automatically starts with the ID reference and the next status window opens:
  6. If you would like to check the regionality for all members again, you can access the function with instructions here.
  7. Start the upload with this button in order to synchronize with the intranet the correct number of members. This will prompt a query window, which you should usually close with OK. This may take some time.
    The following status window opens after the start:
  8. You can transfer all tournaments to the intranet using this button. After confirmation, PC CADDIE will query for the desired time-period; start the transfer by pressing the OK button.

    The tournaments are then uploaded:
  9. You can check the HCPs of all external members via Intranet.
  10. You can also check the guests via the Intranet. Normally, however, this button is not used because it allows you to synchronize the guests’ data before a competition, and this will take too long.
  11. Start the data transfer with the Intranet by pressing the last button.

Load and check coordinates for all members

Since 2016, PC CADDIE automatically checks the coordinates of your members. This feature is therefore needed only in exceptional cases.

  • Take your time and work through all the steps in order.
  • Read the texts in the PC CADDIE menu windows and use all possibilities to check your data: our automatic coordinate list for testing in PC CADDIE as well as the data transmitted to the DGV Intranet Information System (IIS).

Step 1 - Determine coordinates and distances from the addresses of the members

Download the latest geodata of your members. PC CADDIE automatically checks the geodata of both addresses from the personal data. According to DGV, the shorter distance can be taken automatically when 2 different addresses are entered for the same member. Attention: loading the geodata can sometimes take an hour!

Step 2 - Print the person list with the determined coordinates

To check the loaded geodata, print out a coordinate checklist. For this, you can print the desired group of people and optionally activate whether the list should also contain all addresses:

Contents of the coordinate - checklist:
Reference coordinates: These are the coordinates of your golf course used for the calculation. PC CADDIE receives them from the DGV intranet. Check the coordinates and contact the DGV if they are incorrect.
Coordinates 1: this column contains the coordinates of the person's 1st address.
Distance 1 : is the distance between the 1st address and the golf course, in kilometers (according to the coordinates).
Coordinates 2: contains the data of the second address of the person.
Distance 2: is the distance between the 2nd address and the golf course, in kilometers (according to the coordinates).
Effective: is the distance in kilometers that will be transmitted with the membership data to the DGV (step 3) and used to issue the card (step 5).

Example list:

Step 3 - Transfer again all members to the DGV intranet

Now transfer all members with the coordinates to the DGV intranet. Confirm the following questions with „OK“.

Pressing OK transfer data for all the members. This can take a while. If you still have members for which there are no coordinates, PC CADDIE will try to find out the coordinates again, which may make the process a bit longer.

To start, answer the following question with „Yes“.

The transfer of members to the DGV Intranet Information System (IIS) may take some time. Note: the answer that all data is processed and synchronized is received from the intranet server to PC CADDIE only when you see a „green check-mark“ in the Intranet information window. Only then can you continue with step 4.

Step 4 - Check regional status in the DGV Intranet Information System (IIS)

This step leads you directly to your club data in the DGV Intranet Information System. Check here exactly the regional status for your members before you order the ID cards. Neither the DGV nor PC CADDIE assume responsibility for incorrect card order records.

Step 5 - Order cards

If you have submitted all data for the regional status, checked it and found it to be correct, you can start the card order.


Starting the Austrian PC CADDIE Version via Setup/Program Options/Intranet configuration opens the Golf.AT configuration window:

You can also Automatically install the FTP-Butler for Golf.AT . Please contact the PC CADDIE Support if you have any questions.


Federation Royale Belge de Golf - Royal Belgian Golf Federation - FedDB


Enable / Disable

Open the configuration window via the Setup/Intranet orr Makro frbg and check the „Enabled“ box.

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