Entering players, dividing up the starting list

If you click in the tournament mask on the button Player in the tournament mask or in the menu Enter betting games/players, Assign start list and then click on the desired tournament, you will get to the following start list editor:

Entering the players directly in the betting game

Enter all registrations for the tournament here.
To do this, click directly in the column Succ. There are now various options for entering the data:

  • Search code of the desired person (e.g. „teti“ for tester Tina).
  • Surname or first name of the person (e.g. Tester or Tina)
  • 3 letters surname, 2 letters first name (e.g. Tes,Ti)

PC CADDIE immediately shows you the persons found and you confirm the correct ones with Enter. If the person you are looking for has not yet been entered in your PC CADDIE, select directly Enter new person or select the key F9or enter „n“ or „new“ and the empty mask of a new person opens.

In addition, you have the option of selecting all players from the list of persons and then transferring them to the start list at once. To do this, select Edit/Select person (F2), then the usual person selection list is displayed. By means of Filter you can limit the group of persons, e.g. all members ladies, for the Ladiesday. You can select persons from this list and confirm with OK and they will be added to the list of players. You can also mark persons by pressing the space bar. The selection is indicated by a tick in front of the name. Or you can mark by double-clicking with the left mouse button. If an entry has been marked by mistake, the marking can be removed by pressing the space bar again or double-clicking again. After confirming with OK all players marked in this way are added to the list.

As shown in the following screenshot, all players are listed in order with their handicap, gender, home club and any priorities.

PC CADDIE manages both the participants list and the start list in the start list editor. You enter the players, format later or you structure the start list directly when entering the players into the list by pressing the Enter key if necessary (after every 3rd or 4th player) or by pressing Edit/Insert group at current position start a new game. This only works if there are already start times and the time is not set to 0.00, then PC CADDIE assumes that you want to enter the participants in order.

Players who have already registered for the tournament via the Internet (via PC CADDIE://online Tournament registration or the intranet of your golf association), are already registered in the tournament, initially in the „buffer“. You can recognise them by the „globe“.

If you click on the information „i“, the following is displayed at the tab record tab, you can see how someone registered, when or, if applicable, which staff member entered the player in the tournament.

Entering the players in the person mask

Call up person Click on the „Betting Game“ button

1. adjust date range

2. tournament selection

When the booking is entered, you will see the following under the Match button:

Set start priorities

If you go all the way to the right with the arrow key when entering the players, you will get to the Prior. :

  • Here you can enter letters to determine the starting priority. Generally, the earlier the letter is in the alphabet, the sooner the player starts.
  • Usually you use the letter „F“ for players who want to start early and the letter „S“ for late starters. All players who do not have an entry will be sorted in the same way as players who have an M (= Mittel).
  • In addition, all other letters are also available, for example, you can mark the sponsors who start in the first game with „A“. Players who can only start very late are marked with „Z“.

:!: Note that with Sort + Format at Note priorities must usually be set to „Ascending“:

If „Ignore“ is set, the priorities are ignored, the list is then sorted independently of these identifiers. „Descending“ ensures that the list is sorted from Z to A.

With the FIELD <TPRIO> in an individual start list format, you can also print priorities.

more priorities

With the module ONLINE TURNIER you have the possibility to enter how many players may register together for the scramble. When registering online, team numbers are then supplied, which you can see in the priorities.

Here on the screenshot is the 201 is a team number, player has registered individually (1).

Enter player information

By clicking on the button button next to the priorities, PC CADDIE opens the following window:

Enter any additional information about a tournament participant in this dialogue. Here you can specify for an individual player that he plays from a different tee colour than all the others, for example, all men play from yellow, but a senior would like to play from the red men's tee. Then enter here Tee colour red.

At Counting you can ensure that individual players can play counting games in a Stableford tournament as an example, even without this being tied to a handicap limit.

Remarks that appear in the player information can be entered with the FIELD <TINFO> in an individual start list layout.

Check handicaps of guests via intranet

Before formatting and printing the start list, it is important to check the guest handicaps, e.g. if you want to start in handicap order. This also prevents the note „home club unknown“ from being printed on the start list.

You can start this at any time, if you click in the basic settings of the tournament on the right on the button Internet button on the right:

Here is the button Players and court via intranet prüfen:

The result looks like this: If the line is yellow, the player has been identified and the handicap has changed since the last match. If the line is green, there has been no change in handicap.
If no club was entered for a player, the line is white and the information is „Abroad“. „WRONG ANSWER“ in the red line means that the player with the specified club was not found on the intranet.

Individual players with „home club unknown

If you still have individual players with „home club unknown“ later, edit them directly in the tournament, in the start list editor, by opening the person with the magnifying glass and performing an intranet check in the person itself. This is then less „checking effort“ than checking all players of the round again via intranet.

Create start list

Once you have entered all the players, you can automatically create a start list. To do this, select Sort + Format/Sort + Format (F4):


Here you can change the order of the start list. PC CADDIE offers you numerous possibilities. We will go into the most important ones in the following:

Leave order (format only)

Use this option if the start list is only to be formatted, i.e. divided into games.

Random sorting

Random sorting“ is very useful because it means that the same players who follow each other according to strict handicap sorting do not always play together. On the other hand, too much mixing can be avoided so that golfers with single-digit handicaps do not have to play with beginners. The division according to handicap is automatically queried after selecting this variant:

You can specify five default classes within which the order is determined by random. If you do not need all five classes, or if you only want a complete random sorting, enter „–“ as the upper limit for the last required class. The following classes are then ignored.


For many individual competitions, the sorting „medium-high-low“ is interesting: Here, the sorting is done in such a way that each game is assigned a player from the first, second and third third of the player list sorted according to specifications. Thus, different playing strengths play together in one match.

Women and men start separately

At Ladies-men separation you can choose whether ladies and men should start mixed or separated.

Take into account early or late start requests

Observe priorities refers to the possibility to set start priorities for early or late starters in the start list. These priorities are represented by letters. Here you determine whether these priorities should actually be taken into account in the sorting. „Ascending“ means the usual case where „F“ stands for early and „S“ for late and should therefore also be sorted „ascending“, i.e. alphabetically („F“ before „S“). With „Descending“ the order of priorities is reversed. With „Ignore“ the priorities are switched off.

Correct sorting within the lots

If Sort within flight is checked, PC CADDIE will automatically sort the games correctly: first the men and then the women, sorted by handicap. This option could be deactivated if you select an order by preliminary round result.

Control of the games - Flight control

The composition control automatically ensures that family members or even players from a club do not play in a game. If this option is checked, after confirming the dialogue with OK you will be asked what should be taken into account: Family, Name, Club or further details in Zusatz-Info:

Through information in the Additional Info you can specify that one person should not play with another (flight separation). To do this, enter „FT“ for one person followed by the search code of the other person. If „Willi Meier“ is not to play with „Peter Müller“ in tournaments, select „Willi Meier“ and enter „Peter Müller“ under „Additional Info“. Additional info enter „FTmüpe“. The option Tournament participation option in the flight control ensures that players who have already played together in the last betting games do not start together again. The last 7 betting games are automatically activated for checking. Any number of further matches can be selected for checking from the tournament list that is automatically started in the following.
On the other hand, if you have carpool automatically (recurrently) as close as possible to each other, use additional information beginning with „FG“, e.g. FG01 or, as above, the search code of the other person.

Format = Subdivide start list into games

At Format defines how the start list is to be divided:

Behind Flight size you enter the number of players who will form a game. When and from which tee the first game is to start is determined under First Flight. Time interval indicates the interval between two games. You can also enter several times here. Simply separate the times with a comma. For example, if you enter „7, 8“, the games are always appended alternately with 7 and 8 minute intervals. This way the times always add up to 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes and so on. Very important is the Number of occupied holesHere you determine how many holes are to be occupied. For example, if you start from tees 1 and 10, 2 tees will be occupied - you must therefore enter a „2“ here. You will then be asked which holes will be occupied. If there are two holes, PC CADDIE automatically determines the holes „1“ and „10“.

Cannon start

If you wish to have a cannon start, enter the number of holes occupied at Number of holes enter how many tees are to be used (normally „18“ or „9“ for a 9-hole course). If you then enter time interval „0“ for the time interval, PC CADDIE formats for example:

Hole, 10:00A - 1st hole, 10:00B -.
Hole, 10:00A h - 2nd Hole, 10:00B h -
Hole, 10:00A h - 3rd Hole, 10:00B h -
Hole, 10:00A h -
Hole, 10:00A h - . . . - 18th hole, 10:00A h

You can change the letters in the same way as the digits of the time by simply overwriting them with other letters or a space. The letters are always entered directly after the last digit of the time. After confirming the total prompt with OK you will be asked which holes are to be distributed:

Here you can list the desired holes as you wish - please start with the holes that are most likely to be (doubly) occupied. By the way, the hole sequence is saved by PC CADDIE and always suggested again.

Confirm formatting - further queries

With OK to confirm all settings. There will then be some queries about the structuring. For example, you can enter a larger number of players:

For example, if you have entered 101 players and want games of 3, two players remain:

PC CADDIE will then ask if you want a 2-player flight ahead or if you want the players left at the back. Also for the flight composition check, the query is made as to which information should be checked.

Special individual functions

If you press one of the other five buttons on the right-hand side, the settings in the dialogue window are ignored - only the respective assigned single function is executed:

  1. Ladies/Gentlemen
    By clicking on the button Ladies/Men ladies and gentlemen are separated according to your wishes:
  2. Priority
    This button sorts the list by starting priority (Early/Late). The order within the same priority level is maintained.
  3. Flight-Intern
    After clicking on this button, PC CADDIE only carries out the flight-internal sorting, i.e. within a flight, the men are listed before the ladies and then sorted according to handicap.
  4. Flight-Check
    This button starts the flight check, which ensures, for example, that family members do not play in the same flight.
  5. Turn over
    Pressing this option reverses the entire order of the start list.
  6. Special
    This button offers a special sorting, which you can select using the button Fields button.

Game totals in the start list editor

As soon as the start list is completed in the start list editor, you will see the sum of the EGA_preferences of the players per game (rounded to whole numbers) on the left side. In the case of a four-player format, you will also see the addition of the EGA handicaps of the pairs on the right.

Post-processing the start list

Exchange persons

After you have sorted and formatted the start list, first check whether the division corresponds to your wishes:

If you now want to swap the starting position of individual players, overwrite the search indicator of one person with that of the other person. The persons then swap places:

Overwrite a search indicator in the start list editor with a person who is not yet is not in the list, one person is replaced by the other. In this way, incorrect entries can be corrected. If the search indicator field of an entry is completely cleared, this person disappears from the list.

By default, a exchange lock is stored. However, the following message can be confirmed.

Players with buffers swap

The possibility of swapping players with the help of the buffer is also very practical. By double-clicking on the player in the starting list, clicking the arrow key in front of the handicap or under Buffer/Move this player into the bufferthe player is moved into the buffer:

A blank space remains in the start list:

Swap pairs

In four-player tournaments, players are generally swapped in pairs if you select the option Swap in pairs option is activated:

Pairings are always kept together by this. If you want to change pairings, you must therefore first select the desired pairing at Swap pairs then individual players can be swapped.

Swap games

Swapping game positions works in principle in the same way as for people. You only have to overwrite the start time with the desired time:

If this start time does not yet exist, the game is inserted at the appropriate place between the other games. Otherwise, a query box appears on the screen:

Here you can choose whether the game is to be inserted, two games are to be swapped, everything is to be moved from here or the two games are to be united.

Postpone start times for breaks

If you want to move start times to insert breaks, the easiest way to do this is with Sort + Format/Pause (F6):

Here, the times (or the tee) are moved from the active flight onwards. In this way, breaks can be conveniently inserted into the start list.

:!: If a block has been defined, this function refers to the first flight of the block and not to the flight in which the cursor is located. You can also insert breaks by simply going to the start time and changing it accordingly. PC CADDIE will ask you after confirming with Enter, if you want to move only this flight or if you want to move everything from this flight on. To insert a pause, of course, choose the second option.

Insert and delete lines

Empty fields in the lot are not automatically deleted as long as the lot does not exceed this lot size. The value for Automatic lot size is set by Sort + Format automatically. By pressing the Del key in an empty entry can easily remove superfluous entries, pressing Insert inserts a new empty field at the active position. With Ctrl + Insert you can insert a new game, all following games are shifted in time accordingly. If the last entry of a game is deleted, the game slides to the time of the deleted game and the further games are shifted accordingly.

In the category Edit the changes described above can also be made with the mouse button. However, we recommend that you work with the keyboard as often as possible.

Buffer for swapping and structuring

In the start list editor there is a buffer in which players can be temporarily stored. Except with the button buffer button, you can also simply use the key combinations Ctrl + right arrow or Ctrl + left arrow to move players into the buffer or bring them back again. With the keys Ctrl + arrow up or Ctrl + down arrow you can scroll up and down in the buffer, although the main editor is active. When saving, the buffer content is also saved.

If you overwrite a player's abbreviation in the start list with that of a person from the buffer, both swap between the start list and the buffer.

Structure the start list with the buffer

When structuring a start list, you can also proceed like this with the buffer: First enter all players in a large flight as usual. Now generate a buffer with Sort + Format to generate the flight structure. The players should still be in the start list so that the structure is generated according to the number of players.

Then click on Buffer/All players into the buffer schieben:

The buffer is now filled, the start list is empty instead. Depending on your needs, you can sort the players in the buffer with the button Sort button:

The button To list moves the selected player back into the starting list. With Edit opens the person mask of the marked player. You can enter any changes directly here. With Delete the player is automatically deleted.

You can use the buffer to distribute the players into the flights as desired: If an empty field is selected in the start list and then a person is taken from the buffer (by double-clicking or Ctrl + right arrow), PC CADDIE then automatically jumps to the next empty field so that the players can easily be arranged around players who have already been seeded.

If the marker in the start list is on a filled field, the player is inserted from the buffer is inserted under this marker. Of course, all functions for swapping, inserting breaks, etc. can also be used with such a manual arrangement.

Group check

PC CADDIE can automatically carry out a composition check when creating the start list. It automatically ensures that players with the same name, family affiliation or from the same club do not play in the same match. If necessary, they are swapped with one of the next games. If all specifications from the control setting are no longer possible, the player is marked with two leading asterisks (instead of being sorted into a game alone):

The asterisks disappear again when you press Edit/Edit person (F7) to edit the person and then press Cancel or Escape again. You can also simply leave the asterisks as they have no further effect and only serve to make you take another look at the division of lots. The flight composition control is automatically activated at Sort + Format if the corresponding option is activated. However, it can also be started separately without any other formatting: To do this, select Sort + Format and then press the Flight Check.

Type out predefined list

If you only want to take over a start list from an already prescribed, manual compilation (of a sponsor, for example), simply enter the competitors one after the other into your empty start list using the search indicator. Normally, the following is then done with Enter to move on. After the last entry of a game, you can continue by pressing Ctrl + PgDn to start a new flight.

If, for example, you want to type out a list of 3-flights, you can also start a new flight at Automatic game size enter a „3“. Then a new flight is automatically started after every third player if you press Enter or Tab - you do not have to press Ctrl + PgDn press. However, if you press Ctrl + PgDn a new flight is not started, you have the possibility of a four-player game in between.

PC CADDIE suggests a time interval of 8 minutes for the next game. However, the new time calculated in this way can be freely modified. The start times of the following games are then suggested at the same interval. After the complete typing of the start list, in the individual betting game you should press F5 to sort correctly within the games.

If necessary, switch on the exchange lock in the start list editor before entering the players.

Sorting order for cannon start

The management of the tee-offs within the start list at tournaments with cannon start (Shot Gun) allows sorting with priority on the tee-off as well as with priority on the start time, in case there should be several start groups.

Sorting priority on the tee

Usually, in a cannon start, for example, 9 holes are started at the same time. On some holes, two flights must then start one after the other. The sorting order is then for example:

  • 1st hole, 10:00A - 1st hole, 10:00B -.
  • 2nd hole, 10:00A a.m. - 2nd hole, 10:00B a.m. etc.

Flight „A“ thus starts first, followed by flight „B“ on hole 1. Such a structure can also be created automatically by using the formatting function Sort + Format the number of occupied holes, in this example 9 (start on 9 holes at the same time). Of course, you can also start from 16 holes or from 18 holes.

Sorting priority on the start time

If there are to be several start groups (one group starts at 10 a.m. and the second group at 2 p.m. due to a high number of participants), the start order should ideally look like this:

  • 1st hole, 10:00 a.m. - 2nd hole, 10:00 a.m. - 3rd hole, 10:00 a.m. -…
  • 1st hole, 14:00 - 2nd hole, 14:00 - 3rd hole, 14:00 -…
  • To achieve this sorting, enter a „.“ (dot) in the hole entry for the second starting group.
  • If you have a 9 hole course and want to start again at noon, make the starting grid for 18 holes first (although you only have 9 holes..) and later enter „1.“ in the starting list at tee 10, shift the time to 14.00, then select But move everything here„and you have a cannon start grid for 9 in the morning and 2 at noon.

In this section, note the characters “.„ and “:„ that appear after the hole number in the start list, depending on the setting. These dots indicate the order.

If you enter a “:„ behind the hole number instead, it becomes „Hole 1:“ for the third starting group. If you delete the dot and colon again, you switch back to the first group (no dot behind „Hole 1“). „Hole 1.“ is always placed behind „Hole 18“ and „Hole 1:“ behind „Hole 18.“ (sorting sequence: 1 - 2 - 3 - … - 18 - 1. - 2. - 3. - …18. - 1: - 2: - 3: - …18:).

If you wish to have several starting groups, you can sort the cannon start tournament with Sort + Format to have the tournament formatted automatically: Enter the maximum number of holes to be played multiplied by the number of starting groups (for example, if 18 holes are to be played in two starting groups, enter „36“):

After formatting, you then enter e.g. with Break for the game on the 19th hole „Hole 1.“ and instead of the start time for the first group, enter the time for the second start group.

Tee distribution for cannon start

The holes are occupied in the order entered here.

If it is e.g. a smaller tournament where not all tees are occupied, you can use this to determine which holes you want to use for the start.

If it is a large tournament where some holes are doubled, you can determine which holes should be doubled.

Multi-round tournaments

Copy start list from another round

In tournaments played over several rounds, you edit the start list for each round independently. If you use the function Enter betting games/players, schedule start list you will be asked for which round you want to edit the start list:

If you first create the start list for the first round, the start list for the second and further rounds will still be empty. Of course, the same players who competed in the first round usually play in the following rounds. So that you do not have to enter them again, you can copy the players from the previous round. There are two principally different possibilities, which are described below:

  • Copy sorted by the results of the preliminary round. With this option, a cut is also possible (Cut).
  • Copying with timing (Loading).

Sorting by preliminary round results, cutting

:!: With „Load cut from previous round individual cuts for individual players who were set in the preliminary round!

If you want to sort the subsequent round (e.g. 2nd or 3rd round) according to the results of the preliminary round, the procedure is as follows: In the still empty start list, select Edit/Load cut from preliminary round (F3):

Now select the tournament from which the players are to be transferred. Usually this is the same tournament you are currently working in, so you can simply start with Next to confirm:

TIP The Hook Players of all rounds is important if, for example, you want to cut into a Round 3 of all players from Rounds 1 and 2 (then cut from source Round 2 and all preliminary rounds. Players from round 1 who have not played round 2 are then also included)!

You can now determine the exact procedure for cutting: First select under Source round, from which round of the source tournament the players are to be copied. When copying, for example, to the third round, note that cutting should usually be done according to the total results from the first and second rounds. Therefore, the option Calculate total results option should be activated.

At Cut you first select the cut order: „Descending“ means that the players with the worst results start first and the best are at the end. „Gross Descending“ is the most common selection. Normally you can also choose the option with equal results option activated. This means that if there is a cut of, for example, 20 players, the players who are equal in strokes with the 20th player will also continue to play.

At Number and Category you can transfer the desired number of players per category. In the example above, only the best 20 women and the best 20 men are taken over. Load separately in groups then ensures that the players are loaded in these two separate groups, i.e. in this example the men come first and then the women. If this option is not activated, the players are sorted strictly according to the results, regardless of the cut group.

If you want to accept all persons and do not want a cut, as well as no restriction, leave the cut definition in the default setting: Number „999“ and Category empty. Confirm everything with OK, then all the players will be loaded. On the far right of the list, you will see the preliminary round result according to which the players were sorted:

Now you can sort as usual with Sort + Format to sort the games for the start list. It is advisable to start with Order „Keep order“ and then select the option Sort flight-internally option.

Load players with time allocation

This option is recommended if you want to start the second round in the same or similar way as the first round. First, copy the start list to the second round by selecting Edit/Load start list from other tournament/other round (or press the keys Shift + F3):

In this dialogue click on Players with timings laden: if you want the identical starting list as in the preliminary round.

Use the second button Load players with results - Cutten:, so you have the possibility to enter a cut (see previous chapter „Sorting by Preliminary Round Results - Cutting) and the persons will be loaded with the results but without any starting list division.

Select the tournament that is to serve as the source for the start list, confirm with Load and then determine the source round:

You will then see the same start list for the second round as for the first round. You can now change this start list as you wish. If, for example, you want a new start time, go to the first flight and press Pause. Then you can enter the new start time. Often, the second round should start exactly the opposite way as the first round. Then press Sort + Format and then here in the right part of the window Reverse.

Working with blocks

If you only want to edit a part of the start list, you can mark a block. All formatting functions then only apply to the marked block. For example, it may make sense to re-sort the start list only in a certain area - the rest of the list remains as it is. You can mark a block by pressing Block/Begin block marker (F9). To do this, you must first scroll to the position that is to form the beginning of the block. Then mark the player that is to form the last entry in the block. Now press Block/End of block marker (F9) to complete the block. The block is represented on the screen by a solid double line on the far left:

To remove the marker, select Block/Block mark remove - instead you can also use the key combination Shift + F9 instead.

Load lock

The charging lock, which is activated by default, can also be deactivated by removing the tick at Load lock It is of particular importance for post-processing (swapping persons). If, for example, „Winfried Müller“, who has already been entered, is to take part in a tournament but is moved from his game to another, it can happen that you accidentally write the search indicator of „Willi Müller“ in the desired place, although he is not supposed to take part at all. He would then appear on the list by mistake, while the person who was supposed to swap with „Winfried Müller“ would be deleted from the start list. If the load lock is switched on, a confirmation prompt appears again and you can confirm or cancel your change.

This function is important because once a mistake has been made, it is difficult to retrace and undo it.

Exchange lock

With the default check mark of the option Exchange lock PC CADDIE activates the swap lock, which is important when entering the tournament players. The function is explained by means of an example: Let us assume that a certain Willi Müller had the search code „müwi“ and a certain Winfried Müller had the code „müw1“. The former was already entered when the start list was created, and a few games later it is Winfried Müller's turn. Now the programme user can make the mistake of unconsciously entering the abbreviation „müwi“ in the search code input field, because at that moment he does not think that it is already occupied by Willi Müller. This would result in Willi being moved from his original lot to this one and Winfried not appearing on the list at all.

With the exchange lock switched on, this source of error can be reduced. In this case, a warning box appears asking whether it is an input error or whether a swap should actually be carried out:

Key assignment

The arrow keys are used to move the cursor in close proximity within and between the input fields. If you move the cursor with Tab, down arrow key, Enter or PgDn beyond the end of the list, a new entry field is added. If PgDn is pressed, a new flight is started.

All functions can be operated with the mouse, but it is often quicker to remember the most important keys. The following keys are assigned in the editor:

Enter or TabJump to the next entry field.
Ctrl + EnterInsert a new entry line below the current entry line.
PgUpJump to the previous flight start.
PgDnJump to the next flight start. If there is no further flight, a new flight start is created.
Ctrl + PgDnInsert new flight start under the current entry line. The following entries up to the next flight start are taken from the inserted flight. All following flights are moved back accordingly.
Pos1Go to the beginning of the respective input field.
EndSwitch to the end of the respective input field.
Ctrl + Pos1Jump to the beginning of the list of players.
Ctrl + EndJump to the end of the list of players.
Ctrl + DelDelete the selected player from the list.
F2Call up a person selection list from which the players can be selected.
Arrow key up + F3Copy from other tournament.
F4Sort + Format
Arrow key up + F4Reverse order: Pressing these keys reverses the order of the players within the flight structure. The entire structure remains unchanged.
F5Sort within flight: Sorts within a flight according to handicap and the ladies to the back (is activated after pressing F4 automatically).
Arrow key up + F5Delete flight division: With this key combination, the flight structure of the start list can be deleted. However, the players and their order remain in the player list.
F6Insert break / change tee: This key corresponds to the Pause button.
Arrow key up + F6Change flight size: This key combination corresponds to the Party Size button and allows the flight in which the cursor is located to be changed to a freely selectable size. The order of the players in the list remains unchanged and the flight structure is simply moved.
F7Change person data: Corresponds to the Edit Person button: Calls up a personal data editor in which all personal data can be changed. This editor is a simplified version of the function Enter, change, delete persons/…new. It is important that every change in the personal data takes effect in the entire programme, no matter where you make it. Therefore, you can immediately correct typing errors in names, for example. Persons that you enter for the first time are also entered in the central person database.
Arrow key up + F7Search in the player list: This key combination corresponds to the Search button: You can search for a specific player, flight or start time. An input window appears with input fields for the person search code, the start time with hole and for the flight number. The search is then carried out with regard to the information that was changed in this window.
F8With this function you can trigger various print functions:
→ Print a provisional start list („quick list“) for overview.
→ For large tournaments, a „radio operator list“ can be set up. On this list, all players are listed in starting order with their names and search codes as well as a table with entry fields for each hole result for each person.
→ During the match, there can be radio operators at intervals of three holes, for example, who write down the results of the last three holes from the other players and then send them to the match management.
→ The results centre also has such a list and can write down the results here. It is not advisable to enter the printed results directly without writing them down, as errors can easily occur here.
→In addition, you can also branch directly from here to the „correct“ start list print function and the scorecard function.
:!: Please note that the input must be saved before printing start lists and score cards.
F9Select block
Shift + F9Mark block

Save temporarily

While you are entering the players, do not forget to save periodically by pressing Save, to save the list you have entered.

Reactivate start list

Via the button Undo button you can reactivate past saves:

Lock players for start list

In the person mask you have the following options for the characteristics at Additional Info you have the possibility to block a player for tournaments. Select the selection button behind the input field:

Click on New (F9) to create the additional information if you had not already created it. Here is the example for a player who is to be denied registration for a tournament via the intranet:

Confirm your entries with OK. Now please store this additional information with the corresponding person. This means that this player can no longer register for a tournament via the intranet. For the internal blacklist, i.e. if you include tournament players, it is best to also create an additional info as follows:

This will open a window with this information when the person who stored this info is selected. This way, your staff member knows that this player may not be included on the start list.

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