Inventory write-off

This inventory write-off function is available with the Merchandise Management module.

With the help of this write-off you have the possibility to carry out reductions of EK values of articles.The basis for this function is a additional info of the article.

This function is very sensitive, so you need to contact PCC Support to activate it. We will activate this menu item for you accordingly.

Here is an example of an article write-off:

the article Chervo Bermuda Coasta has the info 0321 - so the delivery is from March 2021.

We would like to write down this item with the identifier 0321 to an EC value of € 44 (i.e. 50% depreciation). We call up the menu item Article - Inventory Depreciation menu item:

After that, the security query will be made - please tick accordingly. And the EK value of our item will be changed accordingly:

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