PC CADDIE://online Tee time Service

Description of the online service

The PC CADDIE://online Service (PC CADDIE.NET Server, TT-Server, Teetime-Server) is an interface between the PC CADDIE://online real-time services on your website and your local PC CADDIE.

This is a service that is ideally installed on your (PC CADDIE) server. This ensures constant communication between the PC CADDIE://online booking system and the local PC CADDIE. So it should be installed where your main PC CADDIE databases are located.

If the service does not run properly, the following desktop icon is available to start it:

;-) This is how the Tee time server looks like after starting:

This window lists the existing inquiries and bookings. It updates itself and also indicates if the service is active.

:!:The PC CADDIE://online service may only be started once, otherwise serious errors occur, such as Accounting errors.

Installation as a service

:!: Installation as a service means that the tee time server is automatically started when the computer starts up. The installation of the service should logically be on the server, in order to be able to reliably guarantee online bookings of revelers for service reasons.

If you go to the Windows Start button and click on Run, you can enter the word services.msc:

Confirm with OK, to get to the system services. There you will find in the alphabetical list a PC CADDIE Tee time server, which of course should always be started:

:!: If PC CADDIE Support installs the service on Windows7 or on a Windows Server 2008, make sure that PC CADDIE is running as an administrator. Please have the administrator rights ready for this installation.

No system impairment

:!: The Tee time server runs in the background, which means that it does not intervene in any way to the system's running. The server settings are thus not affected. This information is very important, in particuar for your system administrator.

No contact to the local club system

The error message No contact to the local club system„ is caused by a connection problem between your local server and the Teetime server. The resulting error message looks like this …

…in the PC CADDIE://online module PC CADDIE://online Teetime-/Trainer-Reservierung:

…in the PC CADDIE://online module PC CADDIE://online Turnier-Management:

:!: No bookings can be made at the moment. In this case, the Tee time server must be checked.

For checking, enter the macro „user“ under Setup/Macros. This opens the user list:

You can see very quickly that the TT server is offline. Click on Manage (F9), mark the option „Restart“ and confirm with OK.

After a successful restart and a new update by clicking on Update (F5) (maybe several times) the TT-Server should be available as usual:

;-) The online services are fully available again.

HINT:The fastest and most accurate way to check the TT server is on the main computer or on the server in your club. It would therefore be of great advantage if the server were provided with a screen and a keyboard.

:!: It is very important that your PC CADDIE://online customer service is guaranteed direct access to the server, in order to ensure quick assistance.

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