Annual prices

If the module „Annual prices“ is licensed for your PC CADDIE, you will find the settings for it under the menu item Matches/Annual prizes. In the annual prizes evaluation, tournaments of the game form single evaluated irrespective of whether a tournament was played with a handicap or not. The counting method „against par“ is converted into Stableford. For the annual prizes, the actual scores from the tournament per round will be evaluated, Please bear this in mind for multi-round tournaments. Foursomes of any kind cannot be evaluated for annual prizes.

The advantage of annual prizes is that you can determine overall winners from different tournaments, e.g. the ladies overall winner, the seniors afternoon overall winner or even the winner of a men's trip.

Please also note the annual prize categories A to D in the individual tournaments!

Please also read: Category A to D

Select tournaments

With the button Reset you can restore the basic settings in order to set up a new evaluation. First of all, you should now determine the tournaments that are to be evaluated in an annual prize evaluation. To do this, select Select tournament (F2) and mark the desired tournaments with the space bar or with a mouse click. The tournaments are marked with a green tick, which can be removed by clicking the mouse again or pressing the space bar.

Please also use the Group selection to select the tournaments searched for the annual prizes. If you enter the text part „monthly prize“ for a certain period, PC CADDIE automatically marks all tournaments that contain this text in the tournament name.

In the tournament selection there is again a button reset. With this you can safely remove all ticks from all tournaments in order to make a new selection.

Edit prices

You can now set prices for the selected tournaments. To do this, select a free line in the lower list and press the button Edit prize (F7):

Select here the name and the rating (gross/net). At Points in our example the „Stableford points“ are selected, only members are printed on the evaluation who have played at least 3 of the set tournaments, from the selected tournaments the 4 best results are evaluated.

When selecting the Group the normal setting is „neutral“. If you create a person filter, e.g. „All members“, check the box Filter for point calculation, so that PC CADDIE only selects your members from all participating persons. If „Maximum“ or „Individual“ is set for points, the points are also only awarded to the members.

Frequently used settings



If you have Points „Maximum“, you can enter the maximum number of points in the next line (for example „10“). Then the winner gets 10 points, the second 9, etc. If, on the other hand, you select „Individual:“, you can specify the exact distribution of points in the next line. For example, if you enter „100, 50, 20“ here, the winner gets 100 points, the second 50 and the third 20. All those who follow do not receive any more points.

TIP Select „Maximum“ and enter <A> for the points, the maximum number of points will be the number of there are players in the respective tournaments, i.e. if there are 25 players in the tournament, the winner will receive 25 points and the worst player still gets 1 point, if there are 60 players, the winner gets 60 points, the second best 59 etc…. The check mark „According to the price classes in the respective tournaments“ must must not be set.


Different points are awarded in the „individual“ scoring:

The print looks as follows:

If different categories had been set for the tournaments judged together, the first scoring would be applied to category A and the second scoring would be applied to category B.

Stableford Points/Counting Game Results

All points/results are added together.


TIP If you want to create a list with the biggest improvement, e.g. the men's afternoon round, you can make the following settings:

The printout will look as follows, showing the difference from par for counting tournaments and, as shown here, the reference number 36 (for 36 Stableford points) for Stableford tournaments:

An under-par score of 37 Stableford points becomes a -1. An over-par score of 8 (28 gross points) becomes a +8. Added together, this gives a final score of 7 annual prize points.

The winner is therefore the one with the lowest score.

CR-Diff. -> Points

Another possibility is to make a „CR-Diff. → Points“ evaluation with reference value 100 (2nd row):

This expression looks like this:

Here the underplay is added to the value of 100 and the overplay is subtracted from 100.

General settings

With Equal points for equal strokes you determine whether players with equal strokes also get equal points („Yes“ or additional) or not („No“). The difference between „Yes“ and „Additional“ is that with „Yes“ the distribution of points with equal 2nd and 3rd looks like this: 10, 9, 9, 7,…. whereas with „addition“ it looks like this: 10, 9, 9, 8, 7,…. With „share“ the points are divided between the tied players.

At Group the group of people who should get the points is determined. Handicap restrictions should not be entered via the filter, but better via the fields below. The handicap cut-off date specifies from which day the handicap is to be used for class classification.

According to the price classes in the respective tournaments means that PC CADDIE in the tournaments will apply the above distributes the points selected above to the list positions. If you have distributed 3 points, PC CADDIE notes down the 3 best persons, if you have distributed 10 points, PC CADDIE looks for the 10 best positions from the result list per price class, e.g. Net Pro to 18.5 - Net 18.6 to 36 - Net 37 to 54. This of course applies also for gross prizes. If you would like to include the actual winners of a prize in your list of winners, this can of course only work if you have awarded the same number of prizes in all prize classes.

The special scores (e.g. Nearest to the Pin, Longest Drive) are not included in the scoring.

Winner of the year

Determine 1st prize winner

Would you like to all winners to the end of the year, you can use this function. Print a list of winners with Points Individual: 1 and set the check mark „According to the price classes in the respective tournaments“, you will receive the respective winners (only the first placed) per prize class.

Determine all prize winners

If you want to all prize winners from all prize categories, then use the following for Points Maximum: <A> and set the check mark „According to the prize classes in the respective tournaments“. Select „Equal points in case of equal strokes „no“, so that the players who were in the same place but did not win a prize are dropped out. The points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 winner in a prize class: 1 point for the winner.
  • 2 winners in a prize class: 2 points for the winner, 1 point for 2nd place
  • 3 winners in a prize class: 3 points for the winner, 2 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place

You can use this to determine all prize winners for all individual tournaments. Multi-round tournaments are evaluated per round. Accordingly, it may be better to enter these in a separate list and process them manually.

The setting for the net prize winners would look like this (for gross simply set analogously):

only show matches that are in the ranking

If, for example, you have 30 matches in the selection and print below each otherso that the players can see in which matches they have points (there would be no room for 30 matches in columns), there is an additional tick to be set for this in versions from February 2020. This check mark only has an effect when printing among each other!
Print results „only as far as“ refers to the number of matches to be evaluated, in this case only 1 match will be printed, namely only the match with the best result, even if 10 matches are in the evaluation!

Category A to D

If for the annual prizes all tournaments are to be equally for the annual prizes, you do not need to differentiate between the categories and can set all tournaments with an effect on the annual prize at category A category.
The information text on the tournament lists will then also state that it is an „annual tournament“.
Tournaments with annual prizes are also shown in the Tournament Online Module displays accordingly.

In the tournament mask there is the choice between selection between „Category A, B, C and D“.. You can use these for special evaluation variants use.
The best way to explain this is by means of an example:
Imagine you have 6 monthly prize tournaments and want to evaluate 4 results per player for the annual prizes. However, you do not want to evaluate the 4 best results of all tournaments, but rather the result of the last tournament held and from the remaining 5 monthly prizes additionally the 3 best results.
You achieve this by setting the last monthly prize to category A and all other monthly prizes to category B. In the annual price setting you let 4 results be evaluated. PC CADDIE then takes the result of category A always. PC CADDIE takes the 3 best results from the category B tournaments.
It is also important to enter a value for the group of person group a filter „Participant of the last tournament“, so that only so that only players who played in the last tournament are taken into account. Otherwise, PC CADDIE would simply calculate the 4 best results of the B tournaments for all other players and that would not be desirable.
The good thing about this evaluation is that the winners are automatically present on the day of the annual prize-giving.


The position in the play-off cannot be swapped in the annual prize evaluation. If, for example, your competition announcement states that the winner is the player who played better in the last competition, please make reference to this at the prize-giving ceremony. The position cannot be changed for publication.

Automatically, the play-off also works in such a way that if the scores are equal, the result of the last round taken into account determines the winner - i.e. whoever has the better round wins the play-off.
Then the play-offs are carried out as in the normal results lists in the tournaments - i.e. the usual play-off based on the last round. It would make sense if the jump-off were set identically in the competitions that are used for the annual prizes.


With Print (F8) the annual price evaluation is calculated and then printed.

If necessary, you can print only individual price classes. At layout you have the following choice:

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