Tournament conclusion

Requirements in Germany

Matches are confirmed by the DGV server with regard to HCPI relevance when the match is created with the first transfer or a complaint is made regarding HCPI relevance (e.g. if you would set HCPI non-relevant during the season (May to September), which is always HCPI relevant).
This is largely automated with the intranet reconciliations. You can see this in the Intranet Info window:

Carry out tournament conclusion

Only results that have been transmitted to the Intranet by sunset can be included in the Association's nightly calculation of the new HCPI index for the next day! Results that are not transmitted until the following day will only have an influence on the player's HCPI index one day later.
In Austria, the new handicaps are available more quickly because there is no calculation of a PCC. However, it also takes 15 minutes to several hours after the transfer to the intranet. Therefore, a new handicap cannot be displayed on a result list after the round here either.

With the WHS, there are no more local „master sheets“ in the clubs. You can only query the HCPI index of your members on the intranet or view the handicap history sheet on the federation's portal!

After each handicap-relevant tournament you must completion so that the results can be sent to the federation to be available for the determination of the Handicap Index (WHS).
The transfer is done with the next intranet adjustment. The installation of the service „Intranetservice“ transfers constantly and also fetches tournament registrations from the intranet immediately. Check whether the service is installed on your system!

Select Matches/Tournament finish and then the relevant tournament to call up the function. In the main tournament screen you can reach the tournament with the button Closing button takes you to the same dialogue:

If you have selected the game form „Singles“ in the tournament main screen, you have three options of the tournament conclusion to choose from: For all singles game forms you can perform a conclusion.

  • „Not HCPI-relevant“
  • „HCPI-relevant“
  • „Registered private rounds“ - for e.g. many registered private rounds (RPR)

The option „Registered Private Rounds“ gives you the possibility to complete a tournament within the RPR Round Regulations (see Handicap Rules - valid from 2021, licensed for the DGV).
The function is useful if, for example, you want to conduct RPR rounds for many players at the same time. It is not allowed to enter individual RPR rounds in a non-HCPI tournament and therefore cannot be set.

When you Start is selected, the completion is carried out.

If the tick Transfer the result list to the intranet at the same time has not been set, the following query is generated and you can decide here whether the result list is to be displayed in the intranet. The result of the players is always transmitted.

HCP index 26.4

Germany: Although there are no longer any default classes with the WHS, a player's HCPI will still not rise above 26.4 (if the player has HCPI 26.4 or better), even with poor results. The player can apply for a higher ranking.

Reminder Tournament Closing

  • For a handicap-relevant tournament, the following message appears if the tournament conclusion has not been made promptly.
  • Germany only: The message also appears for „not HCPI-relevant“ tournaments with game form singles.
  • The message already appears from 3 p.m. on the day of the tournament, as soon as you close PC CADDIE and the conclusion has not yet been made.
  • You will also receive the message every morning when you start PC CADDIE. This also applies to RPR rounds.
  • Consider whether a tournament closure is announced. Special care should be taken with copied tournaments. If the original tournament has already been completed, you must not complete a copy under any circumstances. In this case, ignore the message for 30 days until it disappears.
  • According to the DGV's specifications for 2022, you can also complete a tournament if the betting date is more than 30 days in the past.

In a multi-round tournament (game form singles), you will be reminded of the tournament finish for each round.

Change HCPI relevance after completion

In Germany with the introduction of the WHS (World Handicap System) it is no longer possible to change the conclusion later! The HCPI relevance must be clarified before the start of the competition.
A betting game is always HCPI-relevant during the „Season“, which is determined by the federation. Exceptions are clarified by the club directly with the federation.
Before the start of the betting game, the setting in the betting game corresponds with the INTRANET as to whether the setting for HCPI relevance is accepted by the intranet.

Select the button Completion in the betting game mask and change the setting for the round there. This allows you to close a tournament that was accidentally closed „not HCPI-relevant“ again „HCPI-relevant“ (repeat tournament closing). As long as you complete the same tournament, the results will be overwritten (Attention: A copied tournament is NOT the same tournament as the original). An automatic changeover message is also sent to the golf associations of the countries via the intranet when the HCPI relevance is changed in the tournament settings.

You can only change the HCPI relevance until one day after the tournament has finished.

Logging of the change to the contract

You can view the log directly at the end of the tournament under the tab „Log“.

The last change is always displayed, for each round individually.

Abandonment of betting match / tournament

A betting match for which all results have been entered is always concluded normally HCPI-relevant. The button „Abandonment of betting game“ sends the results with the identification TA like „Tournament abandonment“. This is intended by the golf associations to prevent misuse of the function. Missing results must not be filled with dashes, but these holes are left empty - nothing is entered!

If a tournament has to be stopped for an HCPI-relevant tournament - e.g. in case of a thunderstorm - proceed as follows:

  • Enter results from fully completed scorecards as usual.
  • Enter results from partially completed scorecards as far as available. Simply leave the remaining holes blank. It is important that you do this, as a match will only be treated as an abandonment if it is only be treated as an abandonment if players actually have missing scores.. Remember: strokes are also results!
  • Players who have not played a single hole should be disregarded when entering results.
  • For the distribution of prizes, use the BLIND HOLE evaluation by only evaluating the holes played by all players. However, for the tournament conclusion, as usual, the blind hole evaluation must be set to no must be set.

As soon as you have finished entering the results, tick the box „Abandon betting“ and start the closing process. Please note that an incorrectly completed tournament cannot be subsequently completed as a „betting match abandonment“.

  1. Check the box for abandonment of the match.
  2. Enter the reason (mandatory!)
  3. Confirm with OK

You can ignore the messages that results are missing and confirm with OK.

The tournament conclusion is carried out.

  • In 9 hole tournaments only complete results will be scored, 9 holes must have been played.
  • Players who have not yet started playing will never receive a GBE (gross score).
  • For 18 hole tournaments: Players who have played less than 10 scores (for 18 hole rounds) will also not receive a GBE.
  • For 10 or more holes played, missing scores will be deducted in accordance with the Handicap Rules, valid from 2021 (licensed for the DGV) and transmitted to the intranet with the determined GBE (evaluated gross result).
  • Results for which no GBE was determined (too few holes played) will not be sent to INTRANET.

On the result list, players with missing results are marked with !
For players who have played a sufficient number of holes according to the rules, the GBE (gross score) will be determined and transmitted to the intranet.
Players with — have played too few holes for a rating!

Match cancelled

PC CADDIE will also ask you for 30 days for a cancelled betting match to complete the tournament closure. You can choose to ignore this or complete the closure. If no results are entered for the players, a tournament completion will not generate any entries for the scoring records. However, the tournament completion reminder will no longer appear!
To improve the clarity of your tournament list, it may be advisable to add „CANCELLED“ in front of the tournament name.

Delete betting game from internet you will find =>here

Notification of results Dispatch to the countries

World Handicap System:
The international interfaces will certainly only be able to show what works or not yet in live operation in 2021. The countries are all working with new and different intranet operators!
The following information was the status before the change to the WHS !

  • from Germany: Results will be sent within Germany, and also to Switzerland. (as of May 2021 not possible!) and to Austria. Shipping to Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Hungary and other countries is not possible.
  • from Switzerland (currently not possible, as of May 2021!)Results will be sent within Switzerland and also to Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria. It is not possible to send results to Hungary, Luxembourg, Bulgaria and other countries.
  • from AustriaResults are only sent within Austria, there is no international interface for sending results to other countries.

Repetition of the tournament conclusion

TIP You can repeat the tournament completion for a tournament within 4 weeks again. Then the already determined GBE (evaluated gross result) will be adjusted to the results and possibly further entries will be added. The uniform tournament ID simply overwrites the previous entries.
This may be necessary especially in case of subsequent disqualifications or if it turns out after the award ceremony that tip errors were made when entering the results.

In the lower part of the screen you can see whether the tournament has already been completed once. After changing the results, you should call the function again so that the changes take effect for the HCP index. You will receive a prompt in which you enter a reason for the repeated completion. Afterwards, the calculation is repeated.

Completion of multi-round tournaments

In a multi-round tournament, you can conduct a tournament conclusion after each round according to the rules. Please make sure that you close the tournament after each round and that you close the tournament correctly.
With the WHS (World Handicap System), this does not yet automatically affect the starting handicap of the following round.
You are also welcome to read the detailed instructions on the handling of a =>Club Championship

Testing problems with players

The prerequisite for the tournament conclusion is correct handicaps of all players. These must all be checked via intranet. If this check is not successful (because, for example, a player has a different home club), a rework is necessary.

If you remain unedited, this window will follow:

You now have the opportunity to correct these players (such as the home club information) and have them checked again via intranet. Only when the handicap of all players has been checked successfully can the tournament be closed. In the personal mask, a manual confirmation is also possible in case of an unsuccessful check of the HCP via the intranet.

Transfer to intranet

After successful completion of the tournament, the data is sent to the intranet of the own country. From there, results of players with a foreign home club are sent to the intranet of the participating country (status 2022: currently only to Austria), if an international interface exists between the participating golf associations. Confirm the following message with Yes.

Tournament conclusion Austria

Changes that occur with the introduction of the World Handicap System (in the first months of 2021) will be documented in due course!

If you neglect to close the tournament, this is the reason for the message that all results without Stableford points have been transferred to GOLF.AT. In this case, simply complete the tournament conclusion at a later date and reconcile the results with GOLF.AT.

The tournament conclusion only works if all players have been checked at GOLF.AT. If you have problems with guest players, please check in your ADMIN GOLF.AT area whether the guest player is is available. If necessary, you should create it there.

When you have completed your tournament and all results have been entered in the tournament, please click on Finish as shown in the following screenshot. Only then will the stableford points be determined that you want to transfer to GOLF.AT. The new handicaps can then also be printed on the results list. If a result needs to be corrected after the award ceremony, change the result for the player and repeat the tournament conclusion.

Continue with Start. Here you can also set again whether you want to transfer the result list to GOLF.AT (Internet) now.

You will now be asked whether you want to transfer the results immediately to the intranet at GOLF.AT. In this case confirm with Yes. If you want to transfer the results only after the award ceremony, click on no.

You can also connect to GOLF.AT at any time after the award ceremony by clicking on the GOLF.AT logo in your PC CADDIE at the top of the bar. Now everything will be transferred to GOLF.AT that was previously provided for the transfer.

The FTP Butler should then display a transfer:

;-) Now the tournament results have been safely transferred to GOLF.AT with stableford points for the master sheets.

You will be reminded if you miss completing the tournament:

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