Import payment file

As a supplement to the print of the individual Payment order PC CADDIE offers you the possibility to read in received payments directly in one operation. The following prerequisites must be met:

  • You have a corresponding account at the bank or the post officet
  • The provider ensures the received payment files have the camt.054 or .V11 format. Here you can see the explanations for most Swiss banks: Download bank statements manually out of your E-Banking
  • There is a corresponding payment method in PC CADDIE with which these payments are written off

The process should be as follows:

  • Load the provided file into the appropriate folder
    HINT: Create a folder named „VESR“ in the PC CADDIE root directory, and save the files, with the corresponding date in the name, in this folder.
  • :!: DO NOT change the files' extensions.

Open the payment menu via Accounts-Read data.

Select the file to be imported (1) and the corresponding payment item (2) with which the payment is to be posted. If necessary, define the date (3) of the last reading.

:!: PC CADDIE doesn't create duplicates. If an account has already been cleared and a new payment is sent, you will receive a message.

Book families together, if this is how the invoices were originally created.

:!: The allocation of payments is based on the code number on the payment slip. Inform your members and guests that you are using the present form for payment. Otherwise it can lead to unnecessary cross-connections in the accounts. Although these are not problematic, they should nevertheless be later corrected.

First, print an overview of the file to be imported, as control measure (4).

:!: Note that this checklist is an overview of the entire file. If you have payments from several account areas in a single file, PC CADDIE will advise you that no matching invoice was found for the payment. Repeat the payment process in the other area of the account. PC CADDIE now reports the deviation of the payments from the first account area.

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