Opening the cash register

Open the PC CADDIE cash register, which is an extra module, via Accounts/Cash register.

You can also click the little cash register icon in the icon-toolbar to open it.

:!: Always pay attention to the current account category you are working in. Usually the cash register is preset to the account category SALES.

;-) Here the opened cash register is in the account area SALES, according to the pre-settings. The active account category is highlighted in blue. You can easily switch to the account category PROSHOP; just click on PROSHOP at the top left in the cash register window.

Shortcuts/F-keys in the cash register

Operating the cash register with the keyboard is very fast. Here are the common shortcuts, so you don't even have to touch the mouse:

F1 Cursor jumps from customer to article selection
F2 List of articles
F3 Billing (ATTENTION: from here the F keys are different again)
F4 Repeat
F5 Cancel/Delete
F6 Open Ball card (GASTRO: Splits)
F7 Edit article
F8 Book green fee (click OK to print the Bag-tag
F9 If you place the cursor on the article, you can access the customers' list with F9
F10 Empty
F11 Receipt
F12 Pay (payment mask)
Esc Leave the active window

POS protocol

The data log opens via Accounts/Cash log.
This is called „Cash register- efsta - European Fiscal Standards Association“ at active efsta interface.

You have the following options here:

1. Here you can see all the bookings.
2. Selection of the period for the displayed bookings
3. Details - the receipt with all information that is also transmitted to efsta.
4. POS guidelines (AT) and process documentation

Print out the data acquisition protocol

5. Settings - Efsta installation

Invoice details

  1. FN = fiscal number - is only available once for this booking
  2. FixFn = When creating an invoice, a fiscal number is requested from Efsta - as soon as the invoice is printed and the payment process is completed, this number is also transferred back to Efsta
  3. TRA = Communication between Efsta and PC CADDIE - Registration of the booking at Efsta
  4. REF = Here you can see the transaction of a cancellation
  5. ATT = Transfer of the receipt mentioned below

Data collection protocol printouts

Daily overview: only for one or more days with a total
Individual postings: list of all postings (analogous to the invoice output list)

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