PC CADDIE://online Scorecards calculator

The scorecard calculator is an additional feature of our PC CADDIE://online APP plus Responsive Design.It adapts perfectly to your output device due to the responsive design and offers great user comfort.

Load course data

Find out more about the Scorecard calculator here. You can use this to load the course data created in the PC CADDIE program into the PC CADDIE://online.

Examples from practice

The scorecard calculator offers the following services:

  1. Based on the logged-in user, the scorecard calculator loads the handicap and the gender. The data can be checked in the user menu under My Golf/Handicap (in this example, Katharina Kainz).
  2. The course/courses data loaded via the Scorecards calculator is available here for selection.
  3. Matching the gender, the scorecard calculator offers the respectively tees.
  4. The Game handicap is automatically determined from the master handicap.
  5. When entering the number of strokes, the gross and net points are determined immediately. This can be especially enjoyable for golf beginners.

In the end, it even calculates the potential new handicap:

;-) Assuming the player were interested in what he would have earned with another handicap, he could simply override the master handicap:

Integration in APP and website

The scorecard calculator can be activated at your request in the PC CADDIE://online APP.

Likewise, you are very welcome to receive a CSS-adapted link for your website.

Questions? Issues? Wishes?

If you have any questions or requests feel free to contact your PC CADDIE://online customer service.

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