Simple calculation of single fields

Statistic settings

Go to Persons/Print…/Statistics and click Simple calculation of single fields.

PC CADDIE offers a nice and easy to use feature to count one or more fields of a group of persons with the option Simple calculation of single fields. In the next screenshot we have evaluated the characteristics <OPTION02..> and <OPTION03..> of our members, so we can find out the number of membership types and their fee types:

The print shows you how many members were counted and in which combination. If you want to find out what was set for each member, you can create a list with this content: <NAME_WITHOUT_TIT.><OPTION02..><OPTION03..>. With the help of this list you could now easily figure out if you forgot to enter a fee type.

HINT: You only want to know how many members are for each type of membership? Type <OPTION02..> into the field and you will get a list with the exact amount in each category:

If you want to know how many members own a box, simply press the button Fields (F2) and select the field <CADDIEPLACE..>. The print will show you the number of filled fields - or in other words how many members own a caddiebox:

Here you can see the print screen:

Members statistics in practice

:!: We are often asked if it is possible to create statistics for past dates. Only by using the date of entry or of resignation one can figure out how many members there were all together, but the past membership types cannot be evaluated. Therefore, we recommend that you create members statistics on a regular basis and save them, so you always have them at your disposal.

Number of members by year and gender

Be creative in using the possibilities of PC CADDIE.
You need the number of members based on age and gender? Use the simple evaluation of the fields. Check-out the selection:

Choose the year:

Go back to the field selection:

You can also search based on fields here, for example „gender“:

The people are counted and you get the numbers. If both genders occur in a given year, 2 lines will be printed; lines with zero will be omitted!

Number of people according to LGV - regional associations

Gender statistics according to LGV (male or female):

The <LGV> command is not available under the fields, and must be entered manually.

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