Timetable color settings

PC CADDIE allows you to customize the timetable's color settings under Timetable/Configure Timetable–Colors:

Here you select which color settings should be used. It is possible to have the same color settings everywhere, or to make separate settings for Terminal and Timetable-Pur.

In addition there is the option to generate several individual color settings.

The following special parameters must be used:

- TIME_COLSEL allows different color settings in the timetable

- TIME_COLUSER: 1 (or 2 or 3) uses the templates „User defined 1 to 3“

Enter the desired color scheme under the menu item Timetable/Configure Timetable–Colors:

Activate with the cursor the function for which you want to change the color and press Change color (F7).

:!: Use discrete colors with a good, mutual contrast. The PC CADDIE basic settings usually helps.

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