Data export auditing

:!: GoBD: Principles for the proper management, storage and access of books and records in electronic form

The menu entry Accounts/Fiscal-Export opens the data export auditing. The files issued here are stored in CVS format and can be read in by the tax office. Please pay attention to which account area you are in. If you want to output the data from a cash account area, such as SALES, please change to the relevant account area before exporting to GoBD.

You can find out how to change the account area under Select account area

If you need export data from an archived area, please change to the respective archive area beforehand.

Clicking on Fiscal-Export opens the following window:

You can now make the desired settings:

The period to be exported is defined at (1).

You have the possibility to choose between two invoice PDF exports at (2).

  • Invoices sent by email: only the invoices sent by e-mail are exported.


  • All invoices: all invoices written in the period defined above are exported as a PDF file.

(3) specifies an output directory where the CVS files should be exported.

If you want to password protect the files, enter a corresponding password at (4). This will be required later when opening the export files.

Click on Export (5).

PC CADDIE asks again if the fiscal export for the selected account range should be started.

Confirm with Export.

You will receive some relevant information after the export is done: the account area output, the time period, the date and time of the export, the name of the computer, the Windows user, the PC CADDIE user, and the output directory.

confirm with OK. Then the file explorer (Windows Explorer) opens with the selected link (1) and a ZIP folder (2). The exported account area and time range are included in the name of the ZIP folder. You can open the ZIP folder with a double-click.

This ZIP folder contains another subfolder with the name of the account area. You can also open this folder with a double-click. Inside are the CVS files that you can open with your standard spreadsheet program.

The export files will look like this:

If you have assigned a password and want to open one of the above mentioned files, you get the following message. Here you must then enter the password previously entered in PC CADDIE, and confirm with OK.

Export files

The following list shows the contents of each file:


Used articles in the defined period of the exported account range

Field name Description
CODE Unique ID
WAGR Articles group ID
NETTO Net price
BRUTTO Gross price
MWST Tax rate in percent
FIBU FA number


Used articles groups in the defined period of the exported account range

Field name Description
CODE Unique ID
AREACODE Booking area ID
AREANAME Booking area Name
FIBU FA number


All entries from the selected account area are listed.

:!: The fields important for economic evaluations are marked in bold.

Field name Description
KONTBEITCO Internal article number from GOLFBEIT.DBF, BEITCODE
KONTBEITSU First four characters of the „external“ article number
KONTBEITNA Booking text; Price: ….. = price changes
KONTEKNET Purchase price of the booked article (rarely used) (Net)
KONTVKORG Original selling price in case of discounts (gross)
KONTBRUTTO Gross price including VAT for the line item
KONTNETTO Net price without VAT for the line item
KONTMWST Tax rate in %
KONTZAHLT Paid amount - used only in special cases
KONTWAEHR Currency for foreign currency payments
KONTDATUM Booking date
KONTZEIT Booking time
KONTSTATUS Status of the entry
0 = Notes without own booking value (invoice header etc.)
3 = Normal bookings
4 = Booking with variable price (Article „Divers“ etc.)
5 = Booking with free text
7 = Card bookings (Charges on prepaid cards)
KONTTYP Booking type
<Empty> = Normal
R = Invoice header
Z = Payment
D = Deleted
p = Price changes
A = Adjustment of article number
U = Rebooking
K = Cash register
W = Articles movement booking (if an item is distributed to several, this posting may not be included in the balance)
v = Corresponding follow-up bookings
0 = Not recorded
1 = In invoice
2 = Retracted
4 = Partly payed
5 = Payed
KONTMAHND Reminder date
KONTMAHN Reminder level
KONTRGNR Invoice / receipt number
KONTRGDAT Invoice date
KONTBEZDAT Payment date
KONTFIBU Update status in Financial Accounting (at accounting interface)
KONTAREA Cash register area (in case of large facilities with several cash register areas)
KONTSTAREA Statistics area (for evaluations according to customer types, seldom used)
KONTXINFO Extended information for special cases
KONTRABATT Discount rate in %
KONTNUTZER Encrypted user ID
KONTCHKSUM Line checksum, usually not used
KONTINDX01 Internal link
KONTINDX02 Internal link
KONTINDX03 Internal link


All cash book entries are outputed. Similar to the cash register protocol


Cashbook bookings


All changes are logged in this file.

  • Article changes
  • User changes (New, Change, Delete)
  • Confirm cash balance
  • Disable GoDB-compliant cash book
  • Day-end closing
  • Cancel several bills
  • Cancel the invoice
  • Invoice number changes


Used customers in the defined period of the exported account range

Field number Description
SUCH Search abbreviations


Information about the fiscal export

  • Issued account area
  • Period of bookings / invoices
  • Date and time of export
  • Computer name
  • Windows user
  • PC CADDIE user
  • Path to the PC CADDIE main directory
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