Balance sheet

:!: Please always remember to make a Fast backup before the annual statement of accounts.

:!: Please carefully consider what you want to achieve before making an annual statement of accounts. This may differ from club to club. Not everything described here makes sens for every club!

Opportunities for contribution and cash accounts areas

You can access this function under Accounts/Year End/Year End. The following options are available in a contribution account area (CLUB):

From version 2016d of January 2017, this query looks like this:

The functions remain the same as in the previous versions.

In a cash account (SALES) you have the following options:

From version 2016d of January 2017, this query looks like this:

The functions remain the same as in the previous versions.

Make quick backup

If you haven't already made a backup under Exit/Fast Backup you can do it now via Accounts/Year End/Year End/Make quick backup.
It is recommended to insert the year-end number for the automatic generation.
Example: If the annual statement is carried out for the end of 2014, than fill-in 14 in the Next field.
This way you also have a persistent annual backup.

Copy into new accounting area

You can copy a an accounting area as an archive using this function. The current area is remains unchanged.

The copy will be created without additional inquiries as soon as you confirm with OK.

The archive can be accessed after its creation: Select account area.

Once you have copied an account area as an archive, you can, for example, edit the current account area. First make a balancing entry with the default settings. This is important so that you still have the balances in the current account area after the deletion.

You can delete the account date for the previous year in the next step (which you will still have in the archive): Delete account entries. The current account range is therefore „clean“, and can be used for creating all kinds of lists.

Add balancing entry

More details are available here: Final balance entry.

Archivate old bookings and start with new articles

This is the „radical“ annual statement function should be started only by experienced users. Do not forget about backing up your data before starting this process.

  1. If you already prepare future bookings in the accounts, for example, Admission fees as rates, you can maintain these by checking „1“.
  2. The outstanding balance remains in the current accounts area. However, if the outstanding sum as information is not enough, and you also want the invoice number and the items that are still open, check the box Keep all bookings without „OK“.
  3. If this option is checked, the subscription credits for the subscription products remain in the cash account!
  4. You can choose to delete from the archive the items set to „inactive“ status in a cash account area. For example, in the PROSHOP area you could automatically set to „inactive“ the items not on stock, and then use Delete inactive articles without stock.
  5. Checking this box will empty your cashbook. The opening balance must be re-booked if you have enabled the cash inventory management on the end of the day. In addition, the daily closing numbering starts again with number 1.

Only for contribution account areas

Annual statement without update of accounts

This function is available under Accounts/Year End/Year End/Annual statement without update of accounts

The due date of the articles with the stats „yearly“ will automatically continue with one year if you start this function with the default settings.

In addition, the status will change from „yearly“ to „normal“. This was particularly important for the older version of PC CADDIE when there was no automatic assignment and the articles were booked to the accounts using the „Annual statement with update of accounts“ functionality. Even today this is still a good maintenance procedure. In this case the „J“ (see the following image) changes to „N“.

Annual statement with update of accounts

More details can be found under: Forward projection of annual fees.

Automatic transfer of fees

The guide can be found here: Automatic transfer of fees.

Only for cash accounts areas

Block account entries

Our recommendation is to avoid using this function. More information available: here.

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