Card payment

The cash desk and cashier's section of the payment terminal work perfectly with the PIN-secured EC / Credit online clearing, fully integrated in the cash payment process.
PC CADDIE can be used with various payment terminals („EC devices“). We distinguish three ways in which PC CADDIE contacts the terminals. Two of them are available in Germany. The third has been developed for the terminals widely used in Switzerland:


PC CADDIE „communicates“ directly with the number terminal. This is usually done via the existing LAN - but if necessary, serial connections are also possible. Generally, the device must support the ZVT cash register protocol. Further information can be found in the sub-chapter ZVT-Protokoll (DA Systems, TeleCash, Concardis, ...).


All POS-integrated devices from SIX Payment Services can be used with PC CADDIE. You can find more in the sub-chapter Six Payment Services.

Designations change...

What was generally known as EC (for EuroCheck) (but had different meanings in Germany and Switzerland), is now called electronic cash, Girocard or Maestro.

This documentation mostly uses the term EC (EC card, EC terminal), even if it is referring to other types of cards, like Girocard or Maestro.

Germany Switzerland Austria USA UK
online with PIN electronic cash or Girocard Maestro Maestro
offline, impersonal Money card (electronic wallet) CASH Quick
Cash is available at.. ATM ATM ATM ATM Cash machine

In Germany

Debit card, Germany

Foreign Maestro cards are still rarely accepted in stores as additional contracts must be made (additional cost). Usually, contracts exist only for electronic cash ( Girocard ), which is a national debit card system.

In Switzerland

Debit card, Switzerland

There is no national system anymore (apart from Postcard). The usual debit cards are Maestro cards. Foreign Maestro cards are accepted whenever local maestro cards are. The German term „Girocard“ did not exist in Switzerland. Also „electronic cash“ is a German term that should not be used in Switzerland, it might be confused with „CASH“: this is the „electronic cash“ on Swiss Maestro cards for parking and public transport tickets, etc. to maximum 300CHF.

Market leader in card-based cashless payment transactions:
SIX Payment Services
SIX Card Solutions

In Austria

The national system ATM has merged into Maestro . However, there are shops which only accept Austrian Maestro cards.

Market leader in card-based cashless payment transactions: Paylife

There is also:


PIN Personal Identification Number Personal Identification Number
ZVT Payment Traffic Terminal Terminal consisting of pinpad and card reader
PT Payment Terminal Terminal consisting of pinpad and card reader
EC previouslu EuroCheck today in Germany electronic cash
EFT Electronic-Fund-Transfer
POS Point-Of-Sale Point-Of-Sale
ECR Electronic Cash Register Cash Register
MPD Multi-Protocol-Driver Software from SixCardSolutions

EC terminal in the customer terminal

For information about configuring the OPP - C60s, see customer terminal

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