Viennese waltz

Match analysis

Everyone plays with their own balls, only the best results per hole will be counted, the best result will be counted for the 1st hole, the 2 best results will be counted for the 2nd hole, and the 3 best results will be counted for the 3rd hole. Then it goes back to the beginning, that means the best result on the 4th hole, the 2 best results on the 5th hole, and so on (hence the name Waltz, 1-2-3, 1-2-3,…)


You can read general information on Team scores here.

Select the following setting for the tournament on the the team scores helper:

You can see which points have been calculated in bold print on the results list. 87 is the sum of these calculated points. 87 -15 equals 72 - that would be the case if the HCP was played correctly (in this case, if every calculated result was 2 Stableford points, that would equal 72). The added Stableford points in the player lines are the complete added results for the individual players independent of whether or not they were factored in the team. For this, look at the following screenshot:

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